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I Dough. I Dough

A major milestone was reached today for same sex marriage. It’s now legal. People all over the country, and even the world were celebrating this development. There were numerous gatherings, weddings, celebrations, and much more! There were also more private celebrations of hugs and high fives. Everywhere you looked on social media there were posts. Some big names even got into the celebrations. Actors, singers, political politicians, and many more voiced their opinions. Even ice cream did. Wait what?

According to Reddit, Ben & Jerry’s got into the same sex spirit! They renamed their beloved chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream to “I dough, I dough.” The O’s are little wedding bands. There’s also hearts, and of course a rainbow in the background of the container. It’s nice that they showed their support.
The ice cream is the same as it’s always been, but it might taste a little sweeter due to that victory! It’s not known for certain how long those containers will remain on the shelf, or how long the name will stick. One thing is for certain, that celebrating with a pint of that is a cute idea..

Folks at Boraie Development feel that if the ice cream offends someone, the great news is they don’t have to buy it! There are thousands of other flavors, and brands of ice cream that aren’t celebrating.