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Every Kid Deserves To Have Parents See Their Concerts On Securus

I know this is one of the more interesting ways that people have used Securus, but I have been using it to help the kids that live in our halfway house. These children are in our home because they are in the foster system but not placed yet. They are still in school, and they still have daily accomplishments that people are missing out on. I want to be able to share all these things with parents, and that is why our boss got approval to use Securus.

Securus starts everyone with an app that they can put on a phone or tablet, and we have office tablets that we can use when we work with the kids. The kids will be able to share these accomplishments on the app, but I think the really good thing about this is that one of us can take the tablet to concerts the kids play at school. Almost all of them go to the same school, and we can make sure that the parents see the concerts.

We dial in with Securus, and then we can hold up the tablet to show the parents on the other end. There are a few of us working in the house, and it helps when we all show up with our tablets ready to go. We can talk the parents through the program, and then they sit in our lap while we hold the tablet.

I have done this a few times, and I wanted to make sure that all these parents were able to a part of their children’s lives. Their kids could still be in the halfway house when they get out of jail, and that means we have prepared them for the future. I will keep using Securus so that I can let these parents see some small joys from their kids.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.