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Cone Marshall Under th Exemplary Leadership of Geoffrey Cone and Hellen Marshall

Cone Marshall was established in the year 1999 by Geoffrey Cone. The comp company is based in Auckland, New Zealand. This is the only company that offers international tax trust and management services for the same. Therefore, they get all types of clients, from other law firms, politicians, local and international firms. In their portfolio, they also offer trustee services and consultation services for tax confidence.


What makes Cone Marshall so successful is its leadership. The company is directed by some of the best professionals in this industry. The company has Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall as its executive leaders. Both executives have vast knowledge in this field and have been instrumental in the achievements of this company.


About Karen Marshall

Karen Marshall has contributed a lot towards the success of Cone Marshall. She joined the firm in the year 2006, being given the post of the firm’s principal. Since she started working with Cone Marshall, the company has never been the same again. Her expansive knowledge in litigation has helped a great deal in the management of Cone Marshall.


Prior to joining Cone Marshall, Karen Marshall worked in London. There, she worked at a law firm, in the litigation


About Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey Cone has been a renowned industry player since the year 1980. That makes it more than 3 decades of experience in this industry. Initially, he worked at a law firm in London. He later moved to Auckland to start his own law firm.


The success of his company can also be attributed to the vast experience that he gained working for the London firm added to the years he has put in on Cone Marshall. He is well versed with the management of international tax and trustees matters.


Cone hopes that his exemplary service delivery will motivate law graduates to think outside the box and not be afraid to follow their passion. He also hopes to change the way law is handled in nation. With his law firm, he hopes to bring politicians, of different opinions, together to do what is best for the citizens


Aside from great leadership, another factor that has seen Cone Marshall become one of the most sought law firms in the country, is the speed in which cases are handled. Geoffrey Marshall directly oversees cases in the company. Thereby, ensuing that every service is personalized to match the varying needs of their clients.


Handy Makes Life Simpler

One of the great things about modern technology is that there is simply an app or a website for everything! If a person needs to get from point A to point B then all they have to do is bring up a driving service on their phone. If a person is hungry and needs something to eat then all they have to do is bring up a restaurant or food app on their phone. Need a boyfriend or girlfriend? There’s an app for that. For a long time, there was a great app idea that no one had thought of. It was one that was designed to make life simpler for those of us without enough time. It’s finally here.

I’m talking about the cleaning app, Handy. Even the best of us do not have time to keep our house spotless. That’s because there are times where it simply does not feel like there are enough hours in the day. It’s understandable. People in this day and age have so many prior commitments. They are constantly biting off more than they can chew and taking on more projects. People have families that demand a good chunk of their time. Families with small kids find it almost impossible to keep a clean house. That’s because children love to destroy what they can get their hands on, especially toddlers. Some people simply don’t have enough time to clean. The vast majority of people work. Some work full time and some work even more than full time! Therefore the last thing they want to do when coming home is clean. They are exhausted and want to relax.

The good thing about the new app Handy, is that they can relax! Handy on recode is here for the cleaning. A person can log into Handy to find what they need. They can be connected with cleaners all over their area that are just waiting for a job to pick up. People can trust that they are getting the absolute best as well. Handy does background checks and interviews to ensure that all these people are safe and can get the job done!

The best part is that Handy has people that want to clean your house! When a person isn’t in the mood to clean their own job then they will not do as good of a job because they won’t put their all into it. The people on Handy are putting their all into cleaning because it’s there job. They want to do the best they can do. They want to put pride into their cleaning.

Overall, Handy is an idea that was a long time coming. It’s great for those who are too busy, too lazy, or simply don’t know how to properly clean there house. There is absolutely no shame in using Handy. The best part is that your company never has to know that it wasn’t you who cleaned! Handy is a win win situation for everyone that is involved in the process.