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Andy Wirth Leads the Way for Better Living in Lake Tahoe

It has been a while since the Squaw Valley Resort has planned to expand in Tahoe. The expansion plan was presented to the county and has been approved for another round along the way. The Placer County Planning Commission reviewed and accepted the initial portion of the proposal in the fall. It will now move on to the County Board of Supervisors, pending final approval. Read more: Rather Than Hit the Road, He Hits the Trails

Andy Wirth is the man behind the initiative. He is also the CEO of Squaw. He was happy with how civil the meeting was, and the fact that they got to discuss the primary issues. He was in agreement that a large issue is the traffic in Tahoe. There is too much traffic and not enough transit, and something needs to be done. He also noted that the resort had nothing to do with the traffic, even with their development plans.

As Squaw Resort’s CEO, he has taken the burden of helping others understand the opportunities of the plan. Some, like Jesse Patterson (deputy director) of League to Save Lake Tahoe, have difficulties wrapping their heads around traffic and how much needs to be done. Patterson would like to see more done as well.

Still, Wirth stood out on his own in leading the way to discuss how to solve the problem. He proposed a mass transit system and better traffic overall in his discussions. He wanted to find a way to pay for mass-transit in all of Placer County and northern Tahoe combined.

Some of the difficulties with proposals right now are that the board for Placer County are reviewing many proposals in addition to the one for Martis Valley West and Squaw during this fall period. They are considering land use for Lake Tahoe in a general sense.

Andy Wirth is happy to be involved in a deep level in the discussions. He wants to see Squaw Valley Ski become one of the top tourist destinations in the world. While doing that, he also wants to improve life for everyone there of all ages. He since taken on initiatives such as co-founding “Wounded Warrior Support“, which helps raise funds for Navy SEALS and their families via doing an Ironman competition for the Navy SEAL Foundation.