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Employment Figures for the Disabled up for Nine Straight Months

The official statistics on the percentage of working disabled was released last week. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 28.7% of people dealing with impairments are now gainfully employed, and these figures represent the highest numbers since the Great Depression.


Steps Taken to Bolster Employer Readiness


This news comes on the heels of nine consecutive months of seeing gains, and experts are hoping to see even greater levels of employment for this segment of the population in 2017. Am initiative has begun that aims at equipping employers with the tools to better be able to accommodate those with various special needs. The National Task Force has created a report that contains recommendations for workplace policies and effective management methods with the goal to removing barriers from landing a job.


Several government agencies, including the State Exchange on Employment Disabilities, the Council of State Government, and the U.S. Department of Labor coalesced to create the alliance involved in the writing of the occupational guide. They also worked with Delaware’s Governor, Jack Markell, and with Nebraska Senator Beau McCoy.


The Ultimate Objective


The Director of the Council of State Government, David Adkins, expressed the importance of being inclusive, because we all fail to realize our potential when we leave people out. It is estimated that as many as 22 million people, who are below the retirement age, have a disadvantage of some kind. This accounts for as much as one fifth of our nation’s population.


The task force tackled several areas related to hiring those with impediments, such as getting ready for a career, retention, and transportation. States are encouraged to take advantage of the report and to follow its proposals. The ultimate aim of the endeavor is to promote independence in living and equality in every possible way.