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A Deeper Look At The Experiences Of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was CCMP Capitals former Chief Executive Officer and co founder. The company was based on private investments through capital transactions and buyouts. Because of certain health issues he was experiencing, Stephen unffortunetely ended up having to retire early from his position. Stephen was born in New York in 1962 where he lived with his family until he starting going after his career.

Before getting started, Stephen went on to attend Boston College, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree to get him started. A little later on, he also further expanded his education by attending Columbia University where he received a Master’s in Business Administration.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://blogs.wsj.com/privateequity/2015/03/13/former-ccmp-ceo-stephen-murray-dies-at-52/

Stephen Murray first put himself out there for employment in 1984, and he was able to land a job at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company as a credit trainee, which was close to home in New York. Stephen managed to work all the way up to Vice President of the company by showing his impressive determination and work ethic.

Once Manufacterors Hanover became part of the MH Equity Corporation, Stephen Murray went on to join the new company’s team. Then, in 1991 the company was taken over by the Chemical Bank, which caused more merging for the MH Equity Corporation and spawned the Chemical Venture Partners. Following through the transitions, Stephen Murray finally saw himself working at JP Morgan, which took over the company as its own in 2000.

JP Morgan had a main focus on investments from private clients and within the middle markets, and in 2005, Stephen managed to become the company’s head of bank buyouts. Stephen went on to co-found CCMP Capital Advisors as a sort of spin off of the company. It didn’t take long at all before the company had teams working under it, for equity and growth. Stephen was also appointed as the company CEO because he had a talent for making good deals and investing with private equities.

More impressive than just his talents in business, was that Stephen was a passionate phanthropist who wanted to give back to the communities and help other people. He spent time working with and supporting several organizations for charity, such as The Food Bank and Make a Wish Foundation.

Stephen Murray’s Illustrious And Three Decade Plus Long Career

Stephen Murray had a long and illustrious career with one of the world’s largest and most important companies. His company was CCMP Capital, which acts as a management agency for major businesses. In his career with this organization, he was involved in the management of more than twenty highly successful enterprises.

Stephen Murray began by going to school at Boston College, which is an old and very well respected institution. For graduate school, he is an alumni of Columbia Business School with an MBA.  Read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

Starting in his college years, he began to get his foot in the door of the company that he continued to work for throughout his career. His career started as an intern for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, while he was at Columbia Business School. Manufacturers Hanover Corporation was in the bank holding business, which means that they managed some of the world’s major financial institutions. After his internship, he was hired with the branch of the company that works with leveraged finance along with private equity.

However, it wasn’t very long before his company began changing in important ways. Around two years after he was officially hired at the company, in 1991, Chemical Bank bought Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Approximately five years later, in 1996, Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Corporation merged together. This created a corporate entity that was a combination of the two companies, called Chase Capital Partners. During all of these changes, Stephen Murray worked very hard to advance his company’s interest.

In 2005, Stephen Murray made a shift in his career. He got a position as the head of buyout business of JP Morgan Partners. From there, he worked with others in management to get CCMP Capital off the ground. In 2007, Murray became CCMP’s new CEO.

Stephen Murray served in this role for around eight years, until very close to the time he died in 2015. His death happened at the young age of only fifty two years old. There was very little warning of his death, as well. He has been missed by many people, in his family, with the company, and by other associates of his. However, the company that he helped to create is still going strong, and it can be expected that it will remain a thriving company in years to come.