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Dr. Greg Finch And the Most Common Othopedic Procedures Explained

What exactly is Orthopedic Surgery?


Orthopedic surgery is a performed on the musculoskeletal system in cases of injuries or other orthopedic conditions.


Orthopedic surgeons commonly see a wide variance of patient cases that require different treatments, but there are a few orthopedic procedures that are most commonly seen by orthopedic surgeons today.


How are most procedures performed?


Most procedures can be performed by open surgery, in the traditional manner. Sometimes an orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Greg Finch will use an arthroscope. An arthroscope is an endoscope used by an for examining the interior of a joint. It is most often used as an alternative to invasive surgery. General anesthesia may be used in both instances.



Total knee Replacement Procedure


Many patients in need of total joint replacement of the knee have already been diagnosed with severe arthritis previous to surgery and are seeking pain relief and increased range of motion.



Surgical Fusions


Fusions are generally performed on the spine. Fusion can benefit the patient greatly, helping to keep spine fused and more stable. Dr. Greg Finch reports, that patients after receiving surgical fusion experience less pain, better physical health, and increased fitness.


Shoulder Replacement Procedures


Shoulder pain can be extremely painful. Over time, a patient benefits considerably from undergoing a total shoulder replacement procedure. Common shoulder repair can include; Shoulder arthroscopy, decompression, rotator cuff tendon repair and distal clavicle excision.


Healing Time


The healing time from an orthopedic procedure can vary upon the patient, but new and cutting edge techniques in the world of orthopedic surgery makes it possible for most patients to become mobile quite quickly after surgery.


Trust In Greg Finch


Finding a local Orthopedic Surgeon that you can trust is imperative. Dr.Greg Finch is a leading Australian orthopedic surgeon dedicated to providing the most minimally invasive procedures for his patients.


Dr. Greg Finch has been awarded the illustrious Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. An award only given to the highest esteemed doctors that have successfully completed several years of rigorous surgical training.


Dr. Greg Finch is committed to providing the best possible care for each individual patient. He has advanced training in the latest and most innovative treatment options and surgical techniques in orthopedic surgery. He prides himself on taking time with each of his patients to provide the utmost individualized care. Providing personalized treatment since 2006.