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Tax On Sodas In Philadelphia

People who live in Philadelphia and drink soda might have to pay a little more money for the beverage. The city is poised to pass a tax on soda that would equate to 1.5 cents per ounce. This could add up to a good bit of money if you enjoy drinking the sugary treat. Mayor Jim Kenney wanted 3 cents for each ounce, but he didn’t get the support that he needed to pass the tax.

The maneuver seems to be a way for officials to make it almost impossible for people to eat and drink the things that they want to on a regular basis or even if they want a treat once in a while. The goal is to raise $91 million over the next year. Granted, the money raised from the tax will go to school, parks and other essential programs in the city. However, it’s a cost that some don’t want to pay right now because it’s a beverage that people have been drinking for many years. No one has ever said anything about drinking sodas and the need to have the drinks taxed. The new ruling would not only include sodas with a full sugar content, but it would include diet sodas as well. What is wrong with diet sodas as there isn’t as much sugar in them or as much caffeine as the regular sodas?