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Don’t Drop in on the IRS This Tax Season

As tax season 2017 is already off to a very busy start, many tax filers are finding they have more questions than ever about many different filing issues. In the past, you got in the car and drove to your local IRS office to get help from the experts, but no more. The IRS is not accepting walk-ins any longer, you must call to get an appointment if you need help.


Part of the reason for the new change in policy is due in part to the new changes that the IRS has implemented this tax season. While many of the answers can be found at the IRS website, certain groups like the elderly are not completely computer literate, and prefer getting answers in face-to-face meetings. No longer can they show up at the IRS office for help without an appointment first.


The questions that have really garnered the most attention this 2017 filing season are new to the filing system, and even many seasoned filers have questions. To stamp out fraudulent filing and identification theft, the IRS is implementing changes to how you file this year. For one, there will be a unique identification number on your W-2 that must be entered and match or the return could be rejected, flagged, or audited. These numbers help to identify the person who is filing the return, assuring the right person gets their money.


Those who depend on their tax return the most are also in for a huge change. If you took advantage of the Child Tax Credit or the Earned Income credit, the IRS will be holding and reviewing those returns until February 15, 2017. The reason is to not only ensure the filer is who they say they are, but to make sure no one is trying to game the system and get those credits when they are not deserved. Putting eyes on these returns takes tome, and the delay will surely hit those ho need it the most the hardest.


For these reasons and more, the IRS offices around the country have been swamped with concerned tax payers looking for answers now. The IRS had to implement the appointment-only status to ensure everyone gets the time they need with a representative of the IRS.