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Coriant’s New CEO Shaygan Kheradpir Upgrades Everything


Coriant promoted Shaygan Kheradpir as their new CEO in 2015 and then also made him their Board of Directors Chairman. They made this significant decision based upon his high degree of technology savvy. He had shone as a bright star in Coriant’s operations and strategic planning group. Before that he was an executive at Marlin Equity Partners as Operating Partner. He was already leading Coriant forward by helping Coriant’s management team update their technology offerings to those new developments of the 21st century.

The high tech solutions that Coriant supplies to their clients solve major data processing and high-speed data communications problems for dozens of companies located in over 100 countries. For 35 years, Coriant has been the biggest and best provider of computing and networking infrastructures. It is Shaygan’s deep understanding and long experience in applying leading edge technologies, along with understanding of the business cases required to be implemented, that makes him the perfect executive.

Of course, the latest versions of these areas of technology are much different that Coriant was dealing with only a decade ago. Shaygan has plans to upgrade Coriant’s technology offerings with new fault tolerant and much higher speed digital communications and new cloud computing systems. These systems come from a variety of the best manufacturers, such as Tellabs, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), and Sycamore Networks. The target businesses are quite varied, including Communications Service Providers (CSPs), web content production companies, cloud providers, and legacy fixed-line access provider companies.

Shaygan Kheradpir has worked in high tech companies for 28 years. He was an executive in charge of both computer technology and implementing finance strategies at telecom businesses, such as Verizon and GTE. At Verizon he managed the $20 million FiOS fiber laying project that connected every location in the U.S. He graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelors degree in Engineering where he was also an advisor on the Engineering Council board. From Cornell he also earned his Masters degree and Ph.D. He was a member of the National Institute of Standards & Technology’s board.

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Shaygan Kheradpir, life and career

Shaygan Kheradpir, PhD, is an Iranian-American businessman and engineer. Kheradpir is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Coriant, a telecommunications company based in Naperville Illinois. Kheradpir is a member of the Cornell University Engineering Council and formerly served on the board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology and the YMCA of Greater New York.

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, England in 1960. His father was an otorhinolaryngologist who moved the family back to his native Iran where the younger Kheradpir grew up. Kheradpir moved to the United States to attend Cornell University in upstate New York, where he obtained a Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degree, all in electrical engineering.

Kheradpir has held a variety of positions in the information and financial sectors at companies such as GTE, Verizon, Barclays and Juniper Networks prior to his executive role at Coriant.

At GTE, Kheradpir began in 1987 as an engineer working on network routing, eventually moving on to control and management. Kheradpir was head of software systems, leading the development of the first national network management platform. Kheradpir was promoted to the GTE headquarters in Dallas, where he was in charge of all the wireless and internetworking facets of the company, culminating his career with GTE as the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

In 2000, GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form a new company, Verizon Communications. Kheradpir became the president of Verizon’s new e-business division, and served as the company’s first CIO and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In the Verizon offices in New York City, Kheradpir led the company to a broad diversification of telecommunications services and introduced further automation of their operations.

Kheradpir’s team contributed to the development of FiOS – Verizon’s award-winning flagship fiber optic video initiative. FiOS was one of the largest infrastructure programs in American history, and is now a $12 billion entity with 35% market penetration where it is distributed. With a 30-day prototype cycle to test, modify and implement new technologies, his team worked to innovate and improve upon Verizon’s inherited networks and equipment, such as integrating the previously separate systems of GTE, Bell Atlantic and NYNEX.

In 2011, Kheradpir joined Barclays as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the global retail bank based in London. In 2013, Kheradpir was promoted to Chief Technology Officer and was in charge of overseeing the digitization of the bank’s worldwide retail, business, credit card, wealth management and investment banking operations.

In 2014 Kheradpir became CEO of Juniper Networks, a networking company based in the Silicon Valley. He developed and executed a restructuring and cost-cutting plan in response to pressure from investors.

Kheradpir then briefly joined a private equity firm, Marlin Equity Partners, as an Operating Partner.

In 2013 Marlin had created Coriant, an optical-networking vendor, and in 2014 Kheradpir moved from Marlin to Coriant as CEO and chairman of the board. Drawing on his prior activity with Marlin, Kheradpir was able to lead Coriant’s growth strategy seamlessly since taking the reins.