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IAP continues to expand portfolio through strategic acquisitions

From its inception, IAP Worldwide has sought to grow its operations through quality acquisitions. Over the course of 60 years, its management has proven adroit at creating synergies through marriage to companies that can both compliment and add to IAP’s existing capabilities. This philosophy of growth through the acquisition of compatible businesses continues to the present.

Recently IAP acquired two business units from DRS Technologies. The first, its aviation and logistics division, is based out of Oklahoma City. IAP Worldwide projects this acquisition will add significantly to its stateside aerospace maintenance and operations capacity. The logistics business should similarly give IAP a larger presence in the Midwest.

The second unit bought from DRS was the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions division. This unit specializes in secure communications, network hardening and advanced cryptography for military-grade applications. IAP estimates this latter unit will add considerably to its already booming secure communications business, allowing for IAP Worldwide to bid on more contracts that require air-tight communications protocols.

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IAP, no stranger to MnA

IAP has been the toast of Wall Street underwriters more than once. But most of their mergers and acquisitions have generated symbiotic results for all parties. In 2004, IAP Worldwide made a bid for its largest acquisition to date – Johnson Controls. With this merger, IAP had acquired not only one of the largest, most successful logistics companies in the United States, but also its legendary subsidiary in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

What had started out as Pan Am Services and would eventually be swallowed by Johnson Controls in the late ’80s, was a company of rarefied pedigree on iapws.com. Pan Am Services, subsidiary of Juan Trippe’s iconic airline, had been awarded the contract to operate the Cape Canaveral launch facility before NASA had yet come into existence. It was 1953, the birth of the Space Age. And Pan Am Services was at ground zero for what in the following decades would become historic accomplishments of cosmic import, not just for Pan Am Services, but for humanity itself.

Starting with military launches, through the Saturn rocket program and Apollo missions, the Cape Canaveral launch facility was center stage for the most awe-inspiring feats the world had ever seen. This included putting a man on the moon in 1969.

Later, Pan Am Services was charged with overseeing the smooth operation of the Space Shuttle Program. IAP still maintains its headquarters at Cape Canaveral today.

IAP is a company with a rich history of well-planned acquisitions. This has strengthened its brand and added tremendous value for its clients. IAP will proceed on course, always looking for good matches while keeping the client’s needs priority one.

New Acquisition Increases The Capabilities Of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is an outstanding firm which is the leading provider of global-scale Logistics, Facilities management and advanced technical and professional services. This company that was established in 1953 boasts a stellar track record in coordination, planning as well as the execution of complex technical and logistical services. With services that range from overseas battlefields to natural disasters, IAP Worldwide Services continues to show unmatched professionalism, commitment to service quality, and world-class responsiveness. What sets this outstanding firm from the competition is their dedication to the priorities of their clients. They are passionate about what they do, unmatched conviction, and ability to apply inventive solutions to accomplish exceptional results on Bloomberg. They strive to provide services with competence beyond the expectations of their clients, a factor that has seen them become the best of their kind across the globe.

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Recently, IAP Worldwide Services acquired two businesses. These two businesses include Aviation and Logistics; an affiliate of DRS Technologies and the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions. Aviation and Logistics are located in Oklahoma City, OK, while Tactical Communications and Network Solutions is located at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. Aviation and Logistics (A&L) offers aircraft repair management services on kayescholer.com and Logistics as well as mission support services. Tactical Communications and Network Solutions, (TCNS) offers service in Engineering. Communications support solutions and Information Technology to the United States Department of Defense and other organizations. This acquisition is significant in helping IAP integrate its unique capabilities and the talent of the A&L and TCNS organizations as a part of its long-term development plan. The acquisition will also increase the ability of IAP to deliver to more efficiently to international markets and significantly increase its addressable markets by more than double. The new businesses will be incorporated to into a new unit called the Aviation and Engineering Solutions. This is a move that will expand the IAP’s range of solutions and services to the United States as well as international government agencies.

IAP Worldwide is an organization with an astounding reputation and an unmatched record of success. They have been deployed in cases of national disasters such as hurricanes to provide exceptional support in logistics, emergency power as well as expert personnel. With the new acquisitions, the firm will increase its capabilities and leave a stronger impact in the global community. With their outstanding management and outstanding dedication to their job, IAP will remain the leading service provider in its line for a long time to come.

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