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Traditional Shopping Mall Brands Cannot Keep Up With Teen Fashion

Millennial teenagers are proving elusive to major American retailers these days. The late 20th century was a great time for mall brands such as Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, J. Crew, Gap, and others; however, the same cannot be said about the present.

According to a poll conducted by financial news website Business Insider, American teens do not think shopping malls are cool anymore. This is a major concern for department stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom, which are highly dependent on mall sales.

Although online shopping is somewhat attractive to American teens, more than 60 percent prefer the brick-and-mortar experience when it comes to fashion purchases.

When it comes to their ideal shopping experience, Amnerican teens still like the Abercrombie & Fitch formula of music, decor and atmosphere; however, they don’t like condescending attitudes or feeling ripped off. Millennial teens are smart; they know when clothes are overpriced, and they are not terribly interested in wearing attire that is plastered with commercial logos.

Teens also feel that major brands that pretend to cater to them do not actually care about them. This is a powerful message that Macy’s and the like should pay close attention to: teens would really appreciate if they are asked about their preferences instead of being stereotyped.

With teens staying out of shopping malls, anchor stores no longer have the upper hand. Major retail brands will have to compete against e-commerce giants such as Amazon, and they also have to adjust to the shifting trends that teenage shoppers are interested in.