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John Bancroft Excels In Business

John Bancroft is an English businessman credited with lowering the rate of unemployment in the Newstead, Nottinghamshire by creating jobs in a community that had suffered high unemployment rates after the closing of coal mines in the area. In 1997 his efforts were awarded with the “Bridge to Work” Award. Bancroft’s career began in the corporate clothing industry as a sales manager.

During his tenure in the clothing industry, he noticed low quality badges on the clothing and saw an opportunity to bring industry in the area. In 1992 Bancroft and his wife, Vicky, established Badgemaster. The business grew from one employee to an established company offering employment to many by 1997. He became a dominant force in his region and obtained work with the British Royal Family in 2006. Bancroft’s stature in the industry grew and he was awarded prestigious membership in the Most Excellent Order of The British Empire (MBE) in 2013. This honor came as part of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday celebration honor’s list in June of 2013. He followed in successfully taking over Akorn Badge Company in 2014.

Bancroft currently is based in Derbyshire, United Kingdom where he is credited with building the biggest badge making company located in Brittain.