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Applying the Law: Expert Lawyer Bruno Fagali

Expert law attorney, Bruno Jorge Fagali is a dedicated, practicing lawyer based in Brazil. Working as an Integrity Manager in a private office in Sao Paulo, he currently pursues duties that revolve around public interests. He is delegated with the responsibilities of all legal and illegal actions and is renowned for practically applying the education that he received in his field of law.

Graduating in 2009 from the University of Sao Paulo, Fagali went on to acquire a degree in 2012, specializing in Administrative Law. He also holds a Master in Law qualification.

Bruno Fagali’s current collaborations include working with cases of anti-corruption, public issues, regulatory law, civil law and actions, and electoral law.

The efficiency and capabilities of Bruno Fagali are evident in his services as one of the most integral members of the Corporate Compliance and Ethics Society, where he actively participated in various seminars pertaining to health issues, in addition to working in the Congress.

What makes Bruno Fagali stand out from other lawyers in his field is his set of analytical skills, which he effectively employs when it comes to serving as part of the judging units and advisory committees. This position has not only earned Bruno Fagali a great deal of experience but is also recognized as an important accomplishment of his.

In 2006, Bruno Fagali dealt with cases that pertained to consumer law, family law, and domestic violence, and his efforts as a judge on Advisory Public Law in 2007 were highly commended. He shifted the focus of his profession to the regulatory and administrative law in 2008, which was a field that he committed himself to.

His mother tongue is Portuguese, and he currently works at a Sao Paulo based firm, where he actively manages compliance to the law at his agency, where his dedication is evident at every level.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3w7iKhGGiAQPnyiMzQBvfg