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Securus Technologies, Inc. to Acquire JPay Inc.

Securus Technologies and JPay team up to provide a high-end solution for the digitized payments, entertainment, communication, and education in the correctional market. According to the announcement made by Securus Technologies, Inc., they have signed a definitive agreement of purchase with the officials of the company. The Stock Purchase Agreement binds the two firms in a bid to acquire and integrate. JPay is one of the leading technology companies in the correctional space. The company has a presence in more than 40 states in the United States. It also operates most of the federal and state prison facilities in the country.


This transaction, to acquire JPay Technologies, will thrust Securus Technologies into one of the fastest growing companies in the correctional market. They will increase their services to offer email, payments, and inmate tablets. The CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says that the company has the capability to offer any tech-related software and products to the correctional space due to this acquisition and integration of JPay Technologies. For a modern jail to portray its unique characters in the country, they need a dominant team like Securus and JPay. For a long time, the company has continued to admire the services provided by JPay and has longed for an opportunity to work with them. For him, this is the greatest opportunity in his life to demonstrate common service. For you to get the best products at the most competitive price, there is now one clear choice for you to get the most secure product.


According to the CEO of Securus Technologies, they are thrilled to work and pursue the mission of the company without relenting. For this reason, they have dedicated their power and passion towards the development of products that make correctional facilities more efficient, safer, and enable the inmates to transform to become better citizens out of the facilities.



Prison Families are Using Securus

When you are feeling badly about not being able to keep in touch with a loved one in prison, it is great to know that there is a technology out there that you can use that will totally change the way you keep in touch with this person. This technology is known as the curious and it is one of the top Prison Communication services in the world, being used by millions of people who are in need of better technology to keep in touch with loved ones who they simply cannot see on a routine basis.


When I begin to use too curious for my own needs to keep in touch with a friend who is behind bars, I found it to be one of the best Technologies out there and allowed me to both video message with this person as well as to phone message them in an easy and quick manner on my own part as well as their part. Now that I know how beneficial Securus can be for just about anyone, I continually recommend it to people of all ages and all types so that they can keep in touch with their loved ones without it becoming a problem.


Keeping in touch with a loved one in prison can be a true problem for a lot of people. You simply do not have the time to get to the prison on a routine basis to see them face-to-face and this can cause you to feel so far away from them and not know what they are doing or how they are doing during this difficult time. Securus can change this for you for the better and allow you to keep in touch with them through video messaging service, which allows you to see them face-to-face without having to actually be there or make that lengthy trip to the prison.


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