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Wall Street And Big Hedge Funds Are Placing Big Bets On Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has a lot of baggage. Some call Bill Clinton more baggage than anyone should carry, but those people don’t work on Wall Street. The Clintons are friends with the big money people. Let’s be real. Hillary and Bill were broke before Bill was elected president, and they didn’t have much money when the couple left the White House either. But now, the Clintons are worth millions, and they have the money people to thank for their new wealth. It’s payback time, and Wall Street and big hedge funds have invested millions to ensure Hillary is elected. Hillary has raised more than $59 million during the campaign, and at least $5 million has come from three hedge fund managers, according to CNBC.com. More than $2 million was donated by Mr. Sussman, the founder of Paloma Partners, and $2.5 million came from George Soros. Mr. Laufer, the director of Renaissance Technologies, donated another million.

Trump hasn’t accepted any hedge fund or Wall Street bank donations, but Clinton has accepted more than $33 million from the Wall Street sharks. Hedge fund managers have also given money to the Super PACs that are pro-Clinton. It seems that Hillary is the face of a scared investment industry, and the industry is betting that she will not come after them if she is elected. Trump, on the other hand, has said he wants to break up the banks, and the bankers believe him because many of them know Trump personally, and they know what he is capable of.

As the election date draws closer, both candidates are in the battle of their lives. Clinton is the best female politician in the world, and Trump is the outsider that wants to run the government like a business. Americans talk about change, and a lot of those Americans are Wall Street and hedge fund investors, but they never seem to want to change. The country will be on autopilot if Hillary is elected, and if Trump is elected, he will be flying about the political clouds, and raining on the parades of the politicians that have protected themselves for so long.

The question is which one is better for the country? Everyone has an opinion, and each one is worth a vote. But are the voters the people that elect the next president, or is it the money people that trump “the Donald?”