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Why Wine Investing Can Be A Smart Financial Move

Wine Broker, UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a luxury wine broker and investment consultant that is based in the United Kingdom. Their corporate headquarters is found in Surrey, which is outside of the city of London. The street address of the corporate headquarters is 4 Dingwall Rd, Croydon CR0 2LX, UK. UKV PLC also has a London office, for the convenience of their clients. It is found at the Portland House on Bresenden Place, London SW1E 5RS.

You can contact UKV PLC by phone at 0207 4718030. An online message can also be sent to info@ukvplc.com. Agents of UKV PLC can arrange to come to your office or residence to discuss wine investing options or to evaluate the value of any fine wines you may have. During the consultation, wine investing strategies designed to fit your investment goals and budget can be discussed.

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A Closer Look At Luxury Wine Investing

Investing in fine wines is an unorthodox investment that is often overlooked by many investors who can partake in it. Wine investing offers many benefits and advantages to other investments and may be especially good for certain types of investors. Here are some of the benefits and things to keep in mind when investing in wine.

Luxury wines like champagnes are produced in limited batches. This creates a limited supply and with a strong and often times growing demand, the price of these stocks of luxury wines often increases greatly in the years to come. It is especially important to point out that new wealth in developing regions such as Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa is spurring an increase in the demand for fine wine as a symbol of wealth and status.

Another benefit to wine investing is that when the wines are stored in a trust, there are no fees or taxes to be paid on them. This lets people essentially get away with not paying a tax on capital gains. Wines remain one of the last investment options where one can avoid paying taxes on the gains made from reselling them later on at a profit.

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