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Tips From Susan McGalla On How To Balance Family Life And Work As A Mom

Parenting is hard enough. It gets even harder when you have to juggle between career and being a mom. Below are some of the tips given by Susan McGalla.

Keep Off Exhausting Activities
According to Susan, activities that accomplish zero results and end up being exhausting should be long gone. A mother doesn’t need to prove anything. Not even to the closest family. Shun away from people who have nothing positive to offer.

Unwind And Relax
This should be a priority for all moms. Have fun and play with family and friends. Relaxing helps people to be more productive and conquer challenges efficiently.

Make Physical Activity A Priority
For busy moms, workouts make them feel in control. In additional to rejuvenating people, they boost mental clarity. Finally, glowing health and better focus are achieved by getting physical activities. Susan advises moms to join gyms, or run or jog regularly at a neighborhood park.

Get Occasional “Me” Time
Mothers need to get regular Tranquility and Serenity. It can be achieved by a simple hot and soothing bath, coming home earlier from work, or even getting a nice extended nap.

Realize That No One Is Perfect
Moms should let go of significant burdens by realizing that perfection does not exist in real life.

Organizing Tasks
Susan recommends sharing tasks. Moms can ask for help for some of the little jobs or come up with more suitable solutions. An example is shopping for groceries online.

Forsaking Technology Momentarily
Once in a while mothers need to turn off mobile devices, computers, and other technology-related distractions. These gadgets can easily overwork a person.

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Balancing Work and Family Life: 11 Great Tips From Susan McGalla

Forget Guilt
All Working moms feel guilty for not having time for their families. Letting go of this guilt helps moms concentrate on offering the best of themselves to their children.

Regular Meditation

A few spare minutes for meditation are a great solution for all busy moms. Deep breathing exercises in the bedroom before sleeping can take you a long way.

Have Calm And Pleasant Mornings
Moms should avoid busy and chaotic mornings. They can spoil an entire day. Taking care of most tasks at night such as lunch preparation, and clothes selection can give a steady morning.

Simplify Your Lifestyle
Asking questions on how to simplify and streamline things and making an effort to follow the answers can make life more bearable.

About Susan McGalla
Susan McGalla is currently working at The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. In her position, she has been involved in bringing SuperBowl 2023 to Pittsburgh as well as launching an e-commerce site dealing with fashion.

As a corporate retail expert, Susan McGalla began her career at American Eagle Outfitters. She earned over 15 years of experience in this company, both in junior and senior management positions. Finally, Susan rose to become the president of the organization.

In 2011, Susan became the CEO of Wet Seal. This earned her exceptional reputation as a corporate fashion campaigns and marketing strategies consultant.

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Malini Saba Uses The Past To Push Her Forward

Malini Saba is someone who has a lot of wisdom. This is one of the signs of success. After all, she is someone who has reached a better life and she has a lot to offer people who are coming after her. She has gone on many interviews and have shared her wisdom and experiences so that people will have some valuable to learn from her. This is one of the reasons she has become one of the most powerful and successful women in her industry. She has used her past experiences and heart breaks to move her forward to something that could satisfy her.


One thing that she tells people is that it is okay to fail. The most important thing about life is learning. If one learns from her failures, then her failures could be considered successes. Malini considers everything good and bad that happened to her to be successes because it has brought her to where she is. One thing that could be said for Malini is that she is full of energy and is very dedicated to her family. She takes the time to raise her daughter and teach her all there is to know about succeeding.


Malini does not rely on nannies to raise her daughter. She instead decides to raise her daughter by herself. One of the reasons behind this is that she is one of the greatest influences on her daughter. Also, there is a strong mother and daughter bond that needs to be preserved.


Among the tragedies that Malini has faced was the leaving of her boyfriend. However, she has managed to learn from that and move forward from this. This shows that she is someone who has a lot of strength in her life. She is someone that others can look to as an example of overcoming the odds and standing up in the face of adversity.


She has also put together a foundation that is dedicated to helping women that are in less fortunate circumstances. She has founded Stree: Global Investments in Women. This is to help women with tools and information on moving forward. Malini Saba makes sure that she has turned her negative experiences towards something positive.