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IAP Worldwide – a Trusted International Company

IAP Worldwide Services, INC. has established itself as a leader in providing technical and logistic services. The company originally began in 1953 under the name of Pan Am Services, INC. The main service provided by the company at that time was providing the first American-based complex for launching test rockets as part of the space program located in Cape Canaveral, FL. In 1989 the company was sold to Johnson Controls Incorporated and expanded its service platform to include operations maintenance for military installations and commercial businesses on LinkedIn. This included providing innovative ways to provide electrical and security services. In 1990 the company officially became IAP Worldwide and expanded its services even further to take care of the troops deployed in other parts of the world.

As the years progressed, IAP became a leader in providing many trusted services to the government and to privately own companies. This has included not just providing services in good times but in bad times as well. Over the years, during devastating storms such as Hurricane Matthew, Katrina, and Sandy, just to name a few, IAP was called upon to help provide emergency assistance to the regions most badly hit. This assistance included provided emergency electrical, communications services, and even personnel to help out in the areas to bring relief to those in need.

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This is just one example of all that IAP Worldwide has done for those living in the United States over the years. So, how would one go about working for such a wonderful institution? Well, on their website there is a careers section where all the latest jobs can be found. Some examples of jobs that can be found at IAP Worldwide are Air Traffic Towers Controllers, Electro-Mechanical Technician, and Fuels Tech, just to name a few. IAP provides new employees with proper training and orientation to continue to provide the highest level of service that the company has become known for. Finding out about the type of jobs available at IAP Worldwide is just one thing that can be found on their website; there is also much information about the companies own mission platform. Another place to find information on IAP Worldwide and to even get a chance to see what some customers are saying about their experience with them is on their Facebook page.

Over the years, IAP has continued to grow. It has changed as the time’s dictates but one thing has remained the same, that is the companies dedication on prnewswire.com to giving not just the government and the military the best services possible but also the general public. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. remains a leader in the digital age for one basic reason they care about their customers. When someone puts service first before profits odds are the profits will follow. IAP truly stands by their mission statement of “Ingenuity and Purpose”.

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Is Brexit a Risk to Growth?

On June 23, the United Kingdom citizens will decide whether they want their country to stay in the European Union. The voices are split, so the outcome is not certain. According to BBBC News, the G7 leaders announced that Britain’s exit would be a risk to growth not only in that country, but overall.

These leaders feel that Brexit would reverse the trends that increased global trade, investment, and jobs.

Surely, the trade and cross-border investments have increased. But, the jobs came to one place and left the other. The Brits are also worried about increased migration, even though they like to leave their country and work abroad.

If Britain would decide to leave the European Union, the Scottish nationalists are likely to bring another referendum about leaving the United Kingdom and, subsequently, rejoining the European Union.

Many in Britain think that leaving the EU will bring simplified regulations as well as control over migration to the United Kingdom. Britain’s growth may not suffer as much if Britain leaves and gets the same trade deal as Switzerland. Yet, there’s no assurance that it will be granted.

Leaving the European Union would likely result in recession and fall in value of Pound Sterling. In the case of a vote for Brexit, many things will actually stay the same for two years, while negotiations between the UK and the EU take place.