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Top Three Industries that will Facilitate Wealth Growth for Wealthy Individuals by 2025

In a recently released survey, which was published in Capgemini’s yearly World Wealth Report, the healthcare, financial services and technology industries were identified as highly paying. The study measured trends in global wealth as well as high net worth persons. Consequently, it forecasts that the prospective industries capable of increasing the wealth of high net worth individuals significantly by 2025 include finance, technology, and healthcare.

The Capgemini Survey

Capgemini, the consulting firm for the survey, recognizes high net worth individuals as any person with investable assets amounting to $1 million and over. The findings were obtained from surveying over 800 wealth managers working in the financial services sector. Most of the wealth managers came from banking institutions such as Santander, HSBC, Citigroup and many others.

How Current Billionaires Relate to the Survey

Currently, the world boasts of over 1800 billionaires who have created their wealth in various industries such as investments and finance (15%) while the fashion and retail industries take up 12%.Other industries such as manufacturing, technology and real estate are at 9% while healthcare constitutes of 6%.

The survey ranked industries such as education behind communications in the seventh position. However, it was ahead of other major industries including agriculture and mining. The food and accommodations service took the last position among the 16 industries. According to Forbes, the service sector, as well as food & beverages, take up 11% of the billionaires.

Further, the survey pointed out that the four leading markets anticipated to facilitate growth in wealth in the coming decade include the United Kingdom, India, the United States and China. Today, the four nations constitute 62% of the globe’s billionaires in healthcare, finance and technology sector.