Mark Autterson-For Your Investment Management Needs

Investment management is a broad term used to describe the selling and buying of investments within a range of investments. Budgeting and banking duties and taxes can also be included in managing investments. Investment management is usually done professionally and covers real estates, shares, bonds, and more. If a person is interested in securing their future, having an investment manager can be a great asset. They are professionals in what they do and have the experience to draw up a budget, save money, invest a large sum of money to buy financial securities or high profit potential assets. According to Forbes in 2015, the top five investment firms were Chevy Chase Trust Company, Hightower Advisors, LLC, Creative Planning, Oxford Financial Group, LTD, and Canterbury Consulting. One investment management firm making a name for them is WIN Wealth Management and specifically Mark Autterson.


Mark Autterson has over 20 years of experience in the accounting, financial and investment service business. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a minor in Finance while attending Buena Vista University. His first job before becoming a part of the financial services industry was being a CPA and an adjunct professor of financial management at North Iowa Area Community College. He later went on to gain experience being a registered representative with Royal Alliance and American Express. He later became Vice-President of a $750 million Registered Investment Advisor in Minneapolis, MN before becoming a part of WIN.

Besides being WIN’s principal Wealth Advisor, he is also the Chief Compliance Officer, and co-chair of the firm’s investment policy committee and partner with Winterscheidt & Autterson, LLP, a CPA firm in the Denver area. Mark is dedicated to his clients in helping finding and creating the right portfolio, consults with clients to stay focused during times when the market goes up and down, advises on estate planning and tax issues, and helps in finding the right life insurance and long-term care insurance, as Mark is a licensed Life Insurance Agent. If planning to invest, looking into creating a portfolio, learning more about life insurance, Mark is an experienced professional who would be a great investment manager.

One Man Outlined a World Without Money

Have you ever dreamed about living in an America where you never needed to worry about money? Many people have. In fact, many folks probably run this thought experiment through their heads imagining they are simply so rich they never need to worry about money again. However, there is another way to think about this situation. Interestingly it involves imagining an America where money simply doesn’t exist. At least, this was the thought of one great thinker. Jacque Fresco was a futurist who imagined all of us living in a world without money. Sadly, he will never live to see his dream fulfilled. He recently died in Florida at age 101.


Fresco had an epic plan. His dream was to create clusters of small cities that would be run by computers. Fresco understood that politicians were often driven by ambition and greed. He felt computers could solve that problem by being designed to distribute resources equally. Fresco owned a massive compound in Florida. Here, he even had the shell of a futuristic city built on 21 acres of his land. People could take a tour of the property and listen to his ideas.


Fresco wasn’t naive. He lived knowing his ideas would never be adopted in his lifetime. However, he was adept at predicting the future. For example, in the 1960s, he predicted computers would drive cars to make car crashes nearly impossible. We all know that this technology is right around the corner for that exact reason. If he was right about computers taking over a human job like driving to prevent errors, he just might be right about computers taking on the equal distribution of money as well. It’s no secret that humans often perform that task with constant bias and error! Computers might be able to fix it.


Fresco also knew it would probably take a catastrophic war to see his ideas adopted. It would take nothing less for people to realize the constant cycle of war, poverty, boom, recession, bust, and war again would need to somehow be stopped.


What do you think about Fresco’s ideas for American finance? Do you think it could ever work for America? Let us know what you think about Fresco’s vision in the comments below!


E-Governe And Their Various Government Computer Services

Government divisions often require computer systems that have been created for a specific purpose, and someone who works in these divisions must upgrade to keep up with the times. Someone who wishes to make a change to their computer systems must contact E-Governe as soon as possible. The company is quite familiar with government computers, and they have built systems for a number of different agencies around the world. This article explains how the company provides services to a number of government organizations around the world.


#1: What Is The Purpose Of E-Governe?


E-Governe is one of the largest systems providers in the world, and they have worked for governments large and small. They are a diverse company that is capable of building any system of any size. They will create a system that works in one government office, or they will create something that may be used across many branches of government. They will integrate all the computer systems in the office, or they will replace everything with one program.


#2: Testing


The company will test all versions of their software, and they will ask the office staff to check the systems. They train the staff to use the programs they have created, and they will offer customer service after the fact. They allow the office staff to ask as many questions as they need, and they explain parts of the system that may be new to the staff. They want to improve efficiency for each client, and they will do this with help from a new program that integrates all functions in one place.


#3: Speed


The company will create the system as quickly as possible, and they will send a staff member to install the programming once it is done. they offer as much assistance as is needed, and they do not leave the office until he client is satisfied. They will maintain the system after the fact, and they will leave their customer care line open to the office.


#4: Webmaster Maintenance


The webmaster for a particular office system will maintain the product, and they will make changes or upgrades as needed. They know how to keep the service working properly, and they will improve security or functionality where it is needed. The product that is created for the office will last for some time, and it is the basis for a much better system that may be created in the future.


#5: Low Cost


The government that is ordering the system will spend less of its money ordering new programming, and they will ensure that they do not go over their budget. They may speak to E-Governe about the system and its cost. The cost may adjusted to meet the needs of the office, and it may be adjusted many times before the finished product is delivered.


Someone who is ordering government services from this company will save money and time. they may ensure that the office staff is efficient, and they will find that services are rendered much more quickly.

Fed Expected to Go Easy with Interest Rates

The latest minutes from the Fed’s meeting last month indicate that the policymakers are willing to hold off with interest rate hikes until they can determine that the recent slowdown in the U.S. economy is only temporary. According to, traders are pricing a 77% chance for a rate hike this June, and only a 40% chance for another one in December. On the average, traders expect two rate hikes this year.


The Fed is also favoring a reduction in its balance sheet, although a gradual one. So Fed is expected to sell bonds rather than buy, thus decreasing liquidity. As interest rate hike expectations are lesser now, the dollar has taken a bit of a hit. Now, the dollar index stands at 97, close to its six-month low.


Meanwhile, gold prices rose. Usually, higher interest rates and higher dollar lead to decreases in precious metal prices, and vice versa. Lately, gold went up to over $1,250 an ounce, while silver traded at $17.25. These price levels are still quite off their all-time highs in 2011.


Precious metals are also considered to be safe haven, especially during times of political turmoil. But, they have found a new competitor: bitcoin. This digital currency isn’t under control of any government and more online sites are accepting it for payment. This has led to a huge rally in bitcoin’s price.


Bitcoin now costs $2,300, much more than gold. At this point, bitcoin is considered a safe haven for political risk, although it hasn’t been tested with major financial collapses, unlike gold. There is no doubt that bitcoin has been subject to huge speculation and could be in a bubble phase now. Since bitcoin isn’t regulated by any central bank, no country can issue it or affect its price directly with monetary policy.


This year alone, bitcoin has risen 175%. The rise is due to growing acceptance of this cryptocurrency, political uncertainty, as well as speculation. A lot of Chinese money is now going into bitcoin, thus adding to its astronomical rise.


Meanwhile, both Nasdaq and S&P 500 hit new record levels after the Fed meeting. Oil prices have also hit 5-week highs with Brent trading at $54. It all looks like its 1999 again. Speculation is at its fullest.


There’s An 83 Percent Chance Interest Rates Will Go Up In June

The recent meeting of the Federal Reserve Board did not produce an interest rate hike. Federal policymakers think the recent economic slowdown may continue. But there is an 83 percent chance the Feds will raise rates a quarter of a percent at the June meeting. The U.S. economy is creeping along at a 1.4 percent growth rate. The projected growth at the end of 2017 is 1.9 percent. Many economists think the economy will not grow very much in 2017, but according to President Trump’s recent budget plan, those economists are wrong.



Donald Trump thinks the economy will grow by three percent once all his budget cuts and increases are in place, and that growth will take care of the spending he plans to do over the next four years. But there are two issues with his thinking process. The first issue is his budget won’t pass Congress. And the second issue is, massive tax and spending cuts will not increase economic growth the way Trump thinks it will.



President Trump is playing a game with Democrats rather than focusing on the needs of the people. His unrealistic assumptions and his shoot from the hip style will not bring the national debt under control. And economic growth isn’t going to explode unless he makes hard tax and spending choices. His tax plan, healthcare plan, and budget are on life support, and the prognosis isn’t good.



President Trump’s budget is based on his perception of the nation. He believes more military spending is more important than social programs that help Americans live in an unbalanced society. The country needs programs like “meals on wheels” and National Institutes of Health programs. Instead of draining the swamp, Trump is trying to hide it.



There could be two more interest rate hikes in 2017. But passing a meaningful budget and putting realistic tax rates in place for all Americans will not be part of the American dream in 2017. There is little hope that 2017 will be the year of great political and social progress. But it will be a year of name calling, political jousting, and incompetent behavior. Trump and his team will make sure the country experiences social chaos and unrealistic promises.




Are Financial Asset Overpriced?

Are financial assets in the United Stated overpriced? Since the financial collapse of 2008, the stock market has risen to new heights. According to MarketWatch’s Sentiment Table, the American stock market is expected to first stall and then fall.


Based on historical data, the Sentiment Table has been a great indicator for short-term oversold and overbought conditions, claims MarketWatch report. For the fast several months, this indicator hasn’t produced an alert, which means that change may be coming soon. What change exactly? It is more likely that the market will fall than rise, many analysts think. At present, the Sentiment Table stands at 90, and once hits 100, it will officially indicate overbought conditions.


This isn’t the only market indicator used. There are quite many others such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI). This indicator can be used for both indices, such as Dow Jones Industrial Average, as well as individual stocks. When RSI falls under 30, it indicates oversold conditions, and a rise above 70 indicates overbought state.


Another likely overbought asset is the bitcoin. The digital currency has just made new highs. An investment of $1,000 back in 2010 would now be worth $38 million! Bitcoin has been hitting new highs almost every day now, and it starts to look like a big bubble. As more companies accept it as payment, the cryptocurrency has had a major run. But, at this point, the exponential rise in its value resembles speculative mania.


It is important for investors to diversify into other asset classes. But, bonds can be quite risky now. Once interest rates rise, bond prices will fall. Precious metals are an alternative, too. Gold is off almost 40% off its all-time high of several years ago, but rising interest rates are not positive for precious metal prices.


Real estate is another alternative. After 2008 crash, property prices have recovered and the signs coming from the real estate market are positive. The unemployment is low, foreclosures are rare, and builders are confident, while many housing markets still haven’t reached prior peaks.


Study Finds That Vapes are Just as Bad

According to a study from the University of Rodchester, you can scratch “it is not as harmful to gums and teeth as regular smoke” off the list of reasons to puff on e-cigarettes. In fact, the study shows that they are equally harmful as the old way to take a drag. This study is published with Oncotarget, and its lead is Irfan Rahman Ph.D. who is also professor of Environmental Medicine at the university’s School of Medicine and Dentistry.


Given the nature of the study, it really is the first of its kind. Surely, this is due to the fact that e-cigarettes, or “vapes”, as they are commonly known are only gaining popularity in recent years past. This new method of smoking is the latest way for companies to reach a new demographic market within a culture that proves itself to be a rich source of funds year after year.

The method of delivery maybe different with e-cigarettes from traditional methods of smoking, but the results are just the same. The vapors from these devices triggers gum cells to produce inflammatory proteins, which causes stress in turn. This stress often leads to cellular damage and can lead to disease. There is also other intriguing data collected from this study.

According to the results of the study, the flavoring of e-cigarette vapors often makes them more damaging to gums. Add to that, some flavors are even more detrimental than others. Although, there is a need for more studies to say give these findings more weight, it is a good place to start when understanding the effects of nicotine and smoke.

The study is funded by the National institutes of Health and has a slew of collaborators. The publishers, Oncotarget, is a member of Impact Journals. It is a journal that covers anything that has to with oncology. However, Oncotarget is into more than just oncology. The term and organization also covers aging, neurodegeneration and atherosclerosis, lymphocytes and neurons, cancer cells and microbes. The purpose of casting such a wide net is to get rid of borders in medicine where specialties are concerned. Check Oncotarget journal at

The Significance Of The Trump Administration’s Proposed Budget

The release of President Trump’s proposed budget in 23rd May has elicited various responses across the nation. This is because is forwards a significant increase in the economy’s growth over the next ten years. However, the proposed budget also contains budget cuts on essential social services. These social security features that have suffered cuts include Medicaid, Social Security Disability Insurance, as well as several research institutions.


Under the proposed American budget, services that seek to protect the welfare of less fortunate citizens take a huge blow. The only sectors that are set to receive an increased portion of the budget include the Department of Veteran Affairs, Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense.


The Medicaid program is likely to receive the largest cut under the proposed budget. Over the next ten years, the federal government’s healthcare program would suffer an $800 billion budget cut. The budget would also reduce the allocation to nutritional assistance by more than $192 billion. Other welfare programs for the poor will experience a general reduction of $272 billion. This will also include cutting back the Children’s Health Insurance Program by 20%.


Research and development focused on science, disease and environmental issues also face a significant budgetary clipping. The proportion for National Institutes of Health falls to $26 billion from $31.8 billion. The National Science Foundation will receive a budget that is 11% less than the allocated amount in the previous financial year.


According to this proposed budget, the infrastructure network will face a simultaneous budget cut for existing programs, while canceling out the effect of future developments. As part of his campaign, President Trump forwarded that he would create a system of infrastructure valued at $1 trillion. However, by reducing the allocation to current projects, his administration risks falling short of this objective.


Accounting Errors


These errors are probably what have received the most criticism in regards to the proposed budget. Aside from the ideological steps and plans presented in it, there are fundamental errors in accounting that have raised many questions. President Trump projected a 3% growth in the American economy within ten years. These cuts would result to an additional $2 trillion in revenue generated. However, this extra income is allocated in the same budget to balance it out.


Many critics suggest that this proposed budget is likely to experience a considerable amount of opposition in Congress. Liberal Republicans and Democrats will shut it down because of the loopholes it creates in the already fragile social safety net.

Greg Secker of Learn To Trade Initiates Forex Trading Lessons for Profits

Forex trading may sound lucrative and profitable, but without clear knowledge and understanding of the technical terms, it involves, an individual may lose massive amounts of money while trading. Just like market shares and revenues, forex trading is a form of investment. That is why Greg Secker is cheered for his massive contribution in forex trading. Greg is an American entrepreneur who is prominent for his successful ventures in finance, investment, and forex trading. Born in 1975, the successful business professional has established several organizations with the aim of disseminating significant financial knowledge to masses across the world.




Greg’s success story began with Thomas Cook Financial services organization. When he quit the company, he ventured into foreign exchange business. This business commenced when he established the Virtual Trading Desk. From its name, this was an online platform for forex trading. This interface allowed traders to observe first-hand trading information by monitoring real-time quotes and participating in transactions. This company marked the beginning of Greg’s venture into the real world of forex exchange. He joined Mellon Financial Corporation as the vice president after which he acceded to a large Fortune 500 banking firm that focused on investment. In that company, Greg made solid business relationships with some of the world’s top traders.




As the chief executive of Learn to Trade, Greg has vastly supported many traders in amassing wealth opportunities through foreign exchange. A career that began from home has now evolved into a multi-billion business that facilitates trading across the world. Greg’s forex exchange program has progressively grown into an excellent business that most high ranking investors look up to working with. Unlike the common conventional belief that forex trading is a business to be ventured in by banks, Greg took up the challenge as an independent business professional. He has applied his knowledge and skills to empower small investors who desire to trade. For young business professionals aspiring to make it in the entrepreneurial world, Greg Secker is one individual to look up to. At the young age of 27, he quit employment and established businesses that now amass massive profits not only for him but to the entire trading society that deals in foreign exchange.

What college should Students know about Life after College

There is a notion of a happy life after college for many students. They dream of a good job and will no longer share a smaller apartment with their colleagues. What’s more, cramming for exams and studying during the odd hours is no more. Little do they know that there is stress that comes after graduation caused by student loans, a tight budget, and credit card bills. While getting used to life after college may sound like a complicated process, there are proven tips that can work for every graduate in managing their money and finances. However, this tips will only work for students who are continuously looking for ways to expand their finances and net worth. The secret lies in changing the zero net worth and reducing debts to a manageable level. Every student should follow the following steps for financial success.


Make sure you have a budget

Every student should create a budget after school. Money and financial experts say that creating a budget gives you the financial freedom you require to survive. A budget also defines some boundaries for the graduate meaning they cannot spend beyond their means. The best budget is the zero-based budget that works on the principle that every money spent, donated, invested or saved should be from your budget. In short, this budget does not allow you to borrow money. The best ways to come up with a good budget is listing down all your monthly income sources that includes the likes of freelance jobs, full-time work, and other side jobs. This should then be followed by creating a list of all expenses. Expenses include things like cell phone bills, money being saved, car payment as well as cable money, food money, and rent money. Make sure that all the expenses are covered by your income. Whenever you have some money remaining at the end of the month, decide where to put that money, whether into savings or paying college debt.



Ensure you look for affordable housing

If you are to succeed after college, you should look for an apartment that you can pay without struggling. In the beginning, you can share an apartment with people you share common things with such as passion, hobbies, and ideologies. Once you have established yourself, you can then move out on your own. At the end of the day, remember that comparing yourself to other people will not do you any good.