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Is Kodak Making A Major Comeback?

For all of those who remember the days before Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. Do you remember when Kodak was always affiliated with everything “picturesque?” After all of these years, they have made progress towards a new type of system called cryptocurrency. Kodak has backed a company called “Kodakcoin, “which is a new type of digital currency. Not only did they look to benefit themselves as a company, but they aimed at protecting the rights of photographers within image rights management. This allows the use of the blockchain in order to manage their own collections without any worry of violation of copyrights when it comes to their material. It basically allows the party to protect their work and put a claim to it without worrying about legal or monetary issues down the line, plus they could be paid accordingly. What is interesting about the blockchain concept is the fact that it can be used as a platform for a variety of ways. For example, photographers would upload their images with a certified license to each photograph. Clients can pay in Kodakcoins instead of using cash, which does seem great for the spender. It is intriguing to see companies that were “nowhere to be found” at one point, to a current elevated status as far as seeing a rise in their stock based on attaching the “blockchain” name to their corporation. According to a New York Times article,Your text to link… , it is noted that the “old timers,” referring to the older companies are making a big comeback by attaching their names to the blockchain movement such as, Long Island Ice Tea Corporation, Now called Long Blockchain Corp., made a dramatic rise in their value. Now going back to the point of Kodakcoins, which raised questions of the motive behind Kodakcoins over cash? Indeed, it does create anticipation to see what the motive is behind that particular move, but the answers were vague, which still creates that air of mystery. Not trying to question the moral standards of their company, but rather what long-term goal they have in mind in order for them to profit and gain success in the legacy of the Kodak brand?