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Krishen Iyer- What he thinks is next for Healthcare marketing and why you should listen to him!

The world is changing every passing day because of technology. Technology plays a vital role in the lives of human beings. From sending an email to introducing new business ideas, everything happens with the help of technology. Similarly, the healthcare industry is also progressing due to technology. Now, marketing professionals are finding a way to focus on the expansion of the organizations, but without compromising on the budget.

Krishen Iyer, the CEO and founder of Managed Benefit Services, based in Carlsbad, California, does, just that. His company is focused on providing consulting and marketing to dental and health insurance companies. Krishen Iyer had to work hard to reach where he is today. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from San Diego State University. Apart from having such a remarkable career in the industry, Krishen Iyer is also known to be a well-wisher of the society as he has done community works in Carlsbad, California. Not just that, he also performed relief work in Haiti.

When it comes to his achievements, Krishen Iyer says that they are hard to define as he always sets higher goals for his Carlsbad based company. He encourages other marketers who work in the field of health, to do so as well. Krishen Iyer says that he has already established long term and short term goals for his Carlsbad based company, Managed Benefit Services. He says that by doing so, the risks are being minimized. According to him, the formula for success in the field of marketing in healthcare is finding the right customers at the right time. And not just that, marketers should also find a way to keep those customers engaged. After all, when you work in the field that helps other people live, even the smallest thing you do, could have a huge impact on another person’s life.