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Most Elderly Asian-Americans are the Focus of Fraud

America is a very rich and wealthy nation, but it also has problems with unscrupulous criminals who target elderly people for fraudulent reasons. Nearly 30% of all fraud cases involve a senior citizen. When it comes to elderly Asian-Americans, nearly 72% of these individuals are the focus of scams and other forms of deception to rip off their money.

Asian Americans are usually scammed by criminals who claim that they have personal lottery winnings for their intended victims. Other schemes include donation requests, email phishing scams and fake requests for back taxes from the IRS. The Huffington Post reported information by AARP or the American Association of Retired Persons about this issue. The AARP states that many Elderly Asian people are the focus of fraud because of the language barriers and because of mental health related issues.

Keep in mind that language and cultural barriers are the biggest factor with Asian people being the focus of fraud. Scammers realize that Asian people have a strong connection to their homelands. Scammers also realize that Asian people like to be harmonious with people. In other words, they would rather keep the peace between two people than to get into a conflict that exposes the truth or someone’s true intentions.

Asians are also very polite. Asian people also view factors such as time and the course of life in terms of things happening beyond their control. They accept this type of mentality because it helps them to maintain a balance in life. Criminals who target Asian people for scams understand these differences. They try to take their cultural and language differences and use them to their advantage.

When elderly Asian people are victimized by this criminal act it can cost them at least $15,000 of their own money. AARP wants people to know that fraud targeting senior Asian-Americans is a big deal. It literally costs members of this community millions of dollars each year. AARP and other pro Asian organizations are constantly educating senior Asian Americans about detecting fraudulent activity and how to avoid it as much as possible.