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Nick Vertucci is the Best Person to Follow and Listen to If You want to be a Millionaire

Nick Vertucci is a great investor in the real estate industry. He initially started with a Tech Business and specialised with the sales of computer accessories. The business picked up pretty well such that he managed to make his first million. Unfortunately, this success was short lived as the business came to an instant ending during the peak of the dot-com crash. He underwent such a severe loss to the extent that he almost lost his home. In his conversation, Nick Vertucci noted that he went through tremendous stress and depression. He said that for the real estate business, he first entered a real estate training session that instilled him with much information and knowledge since he got a mentor who helped him to alter his mindset.

After he created a strong and robust mental foundation and combined it with his real estate business which was his financial vehicle that was aimed at earning him financial freedom, he managed to make a difference in his life and business career. He gained much success that regained and even surpassed his previous financial status. He attained great motivation that triggered him towards composing a book to share his success story and the strategies that he implemented to get to the point he is. He called the book: Seven Figures Decision, Having the Balls to Succeed. His primary goal for the book if to act as a guide to all those facing hardships in their businesses.

Seven Figures Decision was published by Lioncrest Publishing and is comprised of 350 pages that outlines the fundamental and the most critical stages that are incorporated in the foundation of the life-changing philosophy of Nick Vertucci that enabled him to attain financial freedom and develop stronger and rigid sustainable business. The fact is that everyone is fond of rags-to-riches stories. But it’s even better to hear of a rag-to-riches then back-to-rags and finally reverts-to-riches. This was stated by Kevin Harrington when he acknowledged and endorsed the Seven Figures Decision book by Nick.

Nick Vertucci ventured in the tech business without any income nor education but managed to make a fortune that led to great success in the tech industry. He then lost it all, but like a real and highly dedicated entrepreneur, he did not give up, but he instead started all over again right from scratch. He managed to fight his way back and retained his success and fortune in entrepreneurship. He is the best person to listen and follow if you want to be a millionaire. He did it twice and that what has made him a star in the entrepreneurship world.