Nick Vertucci Explains How Being Good In Real Estate Carried Over To His Poker Game

Nick Vertucci is a Southern Californian entrepreneur who owns and operates a real estate school, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. He teaches people his methods of how to make money buying homes, renovating them, getting renters, and eventually selling the homes for a big profit. He wrote a book about his life and career as the chief executive officer of NV Real Estate Academy that came out in 2018, “Seven Figure Decisions“.

What a lot of people don’t know about Nick Vertucci is that he’s also a professional poker player. He has participated in poker events in California and Las Vegas. His first tournament took place on September 26, 2004. This was a No-Limit Hold’em Championship in which he took eighth place, earning $7,530 in winnings.

He had appeared on the “Moving Violations” poker show that ran from 2007 to 2011. He played in a tournament that included Don Cheadle, Robert Sanchez, Antonio Esfandiari, and Jennifer Tilly among other top-performing poker players. They played Poker After Dark and while Nick Vertucci did very well it was Antonio Esfandiari who ended up becoming the biggest winner.

Other people that Nick Vertucci has played poker with include Ben Affleck, James Woods, Phil Helmuth, Mike Matauso, David Benyamine, and Kenny Tran. He says that his skills in real estate carry over to his poker game in a number of ways. First is that he learned how to read people and so he is pretty good at calling other player’s bluffs. In real estate, he had to bluff broker’s so that he could buy houses on more favorable terms.

Another thing that helps him play poker is knowing how to be adaptable. There are going to be a lot of unexpected changes that take place during the course of a poker tournament, just like there is when buying and selling real estate. He says that poker players need to know ahead of time how to deal with unexpected events and make progress towards being the big winner of the night.

Neurocore Research-Based Treatment For Mental Health Disorders and Issues

Neurocore is amongst the leading provider of mental health treatment in the United States and have a total of six clinics spread through the country. Neurocore is planning to expand its operations across the country. The good thing about the innovative treatment that Neurocore offers is that it is an alternative to conventional medicine and can even treat patients who have proven to be resistant to anti-depressants. As the cases of various kinds of mental health issues have been increasing drastically across the globe, it is essential for the innovative treatments to be introduced. Read more about Neurocore at

For people suffering from any mental health issues, consulting with mental health experts with years of experience at Neurocore would help. Neurocore uses the brain-mapping technology and applied neurosciences to treat the patients to help train their brain. Many children and adults are using the services of Neurocore to improve their brain’s performance and act as the neuroscience backed research and programs that Neurocore provides can be helpful in the long-term. It helps with improving your performance at school or work and would also enhance your memory vastly.


The brain training therapy services by Neurocore can be beneficial for children who are suffering from attention disorder or ADHD. It would improve the focus and memory power and make it easier for the children to focus on their studies. Neurocore has been researching on the power and functions of the brain for many years and has found innovative programs that use the applied neurosciences feedback. If you or anyone you know is suffering from mental health issues that haven’t been treated with the help of conventional treatment, then treatment at Neurocore can help. The brain-mapping methods and technology used by Neurocore Brain Performance Centers can find exactly which part of your brain is reacting and how. Finding the trigger points in your brain that is affected by mental health issues can help with diagnosis. Currently, there are six brain performance centers of Neurocore in Florida and Michigan and it plans to soon open more in the years to come to help make neurosciences based mental health therapy available to more people. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

With GoBuyside, Traditional Hiring Model is Going Away

GoBuyside is a global recruitment platform, based in New York City. The platform works with numerous private equity firms, hedge fund, advisory and corporate firms as well as other investment management firms to acquire talent and recruit professionals around the world. Companies in the asset management world leverages on GoBuyside’s solutions to strengthen their workforce. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

GoBuyside has a trained and experienced team with a strong educational background and therefore, the team’s execution capabilities are above bar. The team consists of 50 people working around the clock to meet the demands of their clients and form stronger relationships in the market. Over 400 clients worldwide entrust GoBuyside with their human resources.

The platform was launched in 2010 and currently, it earns revenue range of $10-$20 million. The recruitment platform’s talent network covers over 10,000 firms in over 500 cities around the world. Furthermore, the platform is present in 16 countries serving in 52 cities across the world.

Many clients have attested to their capability to source and screen talents. A hedge fund which was struggling with its human resource needs came to GoBuyside looking for their services. In just 10 days, candidates were sourced, screened and delivered to the hedge fund for interview. With this pace, the platform is surpassing the traditional search model.


About Arjun Kapur

GoBuyside is in the hands of Arjun Kapur, founder and CEO. Mr. Kapur has been very instrumental in executing diverse and complicated engagements in 40 cities in the United States as well as 10 cities abroad. Back in campus, he pursued Economics and completed his studies successfully with Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University. He got his M.B.A from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

In an interview, Arjun Kapur said that GoBuyside is a good platform for users to get job vacancies alerts, network and also get proprietary compensation reviews. Before he came up with the platform, he saw the need for a platform that would connect alternative investment firms with talents. The industry lacked transparency as well as enough symmetric information. Those viewpoints drove him towards starting the platform. He enjoys working with his team to achieve short-term as well as long-term goals. He thinks through initiatives and strategies with his team members, something that keeps him engaged and gives him a sense of accomplishment. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

José Auriemo Neto, JHSF CEO, Files for IPO

José Auriemo Neto is the president of JHSF. Although he is still quite young, years of working in the family business has allowed him to gain a lot of experience as well as a solid vision of the market. Since he was young, he has always displayed strong leadership qualities. This is especially evident through his participation in the International Youth Coexistence summit held in Japan.

Although he was already working as the parking administrator at JHSF, José Auriemo Neto continued to pursue Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Sao Paulo. Unfortunately, his passion for JHSF prevented him from completing his course. Instead, he eventually chose to follow in the steps of his father, Fabio Auriemo the then head of JHSF.

Under the administration and management of José Auriemo Neto, JHSF has evolved a lot especially in recent years. In fact, the changes in the company are the reason for the outlets segments getting consolidated all over the country. For the second time in just four years, the company is expanding. This retail company has managed to solidify its customer base which is largely made up of class A consumers (55%).

In February, 2018, the JHSF with José Auriemo Neto at its helm started to initiate a public stock offering. Within that one month, the company managed to raise an impressive R $ 1 billion. Unfortunately due to the uncertainty surrounding the electoral period in Brazil, the Brazilian stock exchange market has not been very receptive to their stock offers in recent months.

In July, 2018, JHSF interrupted its stock exchange process for the negotiation and sale of its minority interests to XP Malls in four of its assets: Shopping Cidade Jardim (Sao Paulo), Shopping Bela Vista (Salvador), Shopping Ponta Negra (Manaus) and Catarina Fashion Outlet. This was a very successful operation for JHSF. In fact, this operation was so successful that the company managed to raise an impressive R $640 million- all this under the administration of José Auriemo Neto.

The Catarina outlet is among the latest outlets to be inaugurated by the company. It was inaugurated in October 2014 and underwent its first expansion in 2015.

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Marc Beer and his Achievements with Renovia

Marc Beer is a master manager, entrepreneur, philanthropist and of course he is the Chief Executive Officer, Co founder and chairman of Renovia Inc.



Renovia Inc is a company that focuses on helping people that suffer with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – a disease that concerns the muscles within the pelvic region particularly the muscled that make up for the support of the internal organs that are in the area. This sickness and muscle dysfunction can significantly affect proper physical function which includes: bowel movement, basic physical motor skills and sexual performance, just to name a few.



Marc Beer has a lot under his belt already, his achievement and accomplishments speak for themselves and so these titles are his support system when he asks for investors to fund him again, or to lend his company money as a “venture debt” – which is what happened at the recent investing rounds that concerns Renovia- they have received and were awarded over 30 million dollars as investments, and over 10 million for venture debt. These investments will help further and improve the clinical needs of the company. The funding is very important because everyday more and more are dying. It is important to have this funding because a company cannot move without money.



With the funding he received, he can now propel his cause forward and help more people who are suffering from this disease. Through advancements in his clinical research and laboratory trials that these investments will open doors to.



But how did his initiative start? The building of Renovia started when Marc Beer met a gynecologist who has been doing surgery to help people who are suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and has been figuring our how he can help women avoid having to get surgery – after a talk with this gynecologist, he started Renovia.



Being in the medical and health care providing industry, it is very important for Marc Beer to be able to help the most people that he can – this is why resource allocation is one of the most important things for him. With the money that comes into his company, he makes sure that everything and anything is allocated effectively and efficiently to be able to hasten whatever improvement was being done: may it be for clinical and laboratory trials, research, marketing, packaging, etc. The performance and efficiency if your capital makes or breaks your business, especially in a healthcare company.



If he is able to turn back time and talk to his younger self, he would tell himself to take his time and not rush things because making diamonds takes time and pressure. And Marc Beer is no less than a diamond. He would also tell himself that there is no shortcut to greatness and that he is destined for big things and a great future. Learn more:



The Vital Role Social Media Analytics Play In the Highly Competitive Global Business Arena

The internet can be a hostile terrain of information flow that for the untutored and the weary may seem like an unchartered frontier especially for the business minded. Not all trading enterprises manage to get a firm foothold on the global business arena that the internet readily provides for the simply reason that a majority of entrepreneurs who wish to have a piece of the action hardly understand the rules that govern online transactions.

Of particular note is the failure by many an enterprising individual to understand the rules of social media engagement, and how a thorough grasp of social media analytics, like those explained in an insightful NetBase article presently doing the rounds on the web, can produce a competitive edge over the competition. It is now an open secret to everyone that the ubiquitous web-based social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc. are an absolutely necessary tool for buying and selling goods on an international scale.

There is cut-throat business competition occasioned by the globalization of all sorts of commercial activities. And there is no gainsaying that many traders view the internet, as either a blessing or a curse, depending on which side of the success-failure divide they find themselves. However, the truth is that any traders who optimize the use of social media to spread word about the products and services they offer, perform immensely well on the internet market.


The Big Question

The biggest question many individuals and international brands, big or small grapple with is how they can unearth, determine and estimate the effectiveness of the social media analysis they should trust, notwithstanding the difficulties of identifying the most suitable tools to use. Another snake in the social platform pit which effectively bars the faint-hearted is determining the right budget to use. A glance at what the multinational giants spend can make an upstart quail back in fear!

But that need not be the case because supporting analytic agencies like NetBase are quietly watching and ready to pounce on you from the trading sidelines with free but valuable advice. There are numerous platforms that provide analysis compatible with any budget size. So you don’t have to sit back biting your nails and waiting for a miracle to happen!


Wait a Minute

What is meant by social platform analytics? According to the experts from NetBase, the term simply means the art of collecting data for helping in business decision-making from all online sources but specifically from the major social channels. The analysis take different forms, however, the bottom line is to assist all businesses to apply appropriate insights for both short and long term success strategies.


Although the analytics might come across to many as the study of space technology due to the complexities involved, basically all it takes are three levels namely:

A} Identification of basic goals of the business.

B}The determination of the main social performance indicators or KPIs {Key Social Performance Indicators}

C} The measurement and analysis of social data.


Just to put it briefly, A above means the act of imparting purpose to your analytics by setting clear objectives for the business, improving traffic, creative positive brand awareness and building downloads. B means knowing the kind of metrics that contribute to failure or success, which might vary depending on the goals of the business. In a nutshell, you must understand the rules of social engagement; try to establish the attitude of the market to your brand, your services or your products. No less important, is your ability to convert the traffic into the social channels you use into active sales.


Lastly, the minute you understand what counts, you then need to apply one of the many tools recommended by the gurus for the analysis of real data to evaluate the nature of your business with a view to making the right adjustments and decisions.

How Jojo Hedaya Took Frustration To Success


Sometimes people just fall into something great either out of luck, perseverance or out of fate. However, this is not the case for Jojo Hedaya, COO, and co-founder of Unroll.Me, an email organizer. He fell into something simply spectacular by means of frustration. JoJo would send emails to his business partner, Josh Rosenwald, only to receive no response back from his emails that were sent.

The reason being, there was way too much clutter, and junk mail got in the way of all the important emails he should have received from him. This brought the two young men together as they formed the very successful online company of Unroll.Me. Both men are the same age, 24 years old, and share the same birthday December 30th, 1989. Neither men have graduated college nor worked for anyone since the start of their company. They are dedicated full time, to their online business, Unroll.Me. Both men reside in New York where the company is based. Visit This Page for additional information.

Just as frustration caused the birth of Unroll.Me so does the passion of simplicity from Jojo Hedaya keep Unroll.Me alive and thriving. Through the leadership of Jojo Hedaya, there are millions of people that have purchased Unroll.Me over the course of five years. Everyday people and businesses find the product very useful and getting rid of junk mail and putting the priority emails first.

Sponsored by Galvanized and Indeed, in June of 2013, Startup Grind hosted Jojo Hedaya in New York City to meet and greet the public and explain how his company came to be and what they do. He went into detail about their mission and the process of how his company brings to its users the opportunity of unsubscribing to unwanted emails and organizing the emails to put the important ones ahead of the junk mail so that no email goes unread. Unroll.Me was founded in September of 2011 and still going strong to this very day with its happy clients.


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De clutter Your Inbox With Unroll Me


Unroll Me is great service and tool that helps you declutter your email inbox. The service helps to remove unwanted, solicited emails and subscriptions. Founded in 2011, it is a subsidiary of parent company Slice technologies and is run out of its home base in New York. Unroll me also has a downloadable app that has had almost 30,000 downloads in the last 30 days. Unroll Me currently uses around 30 different smart technologies to assist in its website platform. Some of these include Viewport Meta, WordPress, G Suite and Google Analytics to name a few.

Unroll Me has won a Webby Award for the impeccable service it provides to its subscribers. A Webby award is presented annually for excellence on the Internet. Unroll Me was a 2015 Honoree.

Unroll stands apart from competitors by their easy to navigate swiping feature. Not fond of swiping? No problem, you can also tap the button for the action you want to take. It basically works using three different functions, add to Rollup, Unsubscribe, or keep in Inbox. The feature called “Rollup” which is chosen by swiping up, allows the user to add the subscriptions you want to your daily digest and see them in coordination with the time preference of your choosing-morning, afternoon or evening. Unroll Me supports switching between multiple accounts as well. It will automatically categorize your subscriptions for easier review and use. Read This Article for related information.

Unroll Me is a perfect tool for your personal email or business account. It saves the user plenty of time from having to click the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of each email. Take the work out of decluttering your email account and spend more time reading the emails that matter. Unroll Me is the perfect component for today’s professionals or the stay at home blogger. Either way, this is a must have organizational tool to have on have with how much spam each of us receives daily. I would recommend Unroll Me to anyone looking to manage their inbox in a more efficient, time-consuming manner. Make Unroll Me the key to an organized email account.

The Growth And Expansion Project Of OSI Group

For years now, OSI Group has either been entering joint business ventures or acquiring different warehouses, processing plants, poultry processing facilities, and farms. These acquisitions and partnerships are all part of the company’s goal of becoming a premier international food provider.

The company intends to become a leading brand not only in the United States but in the entire North American continent as well as the continent of Europe and eventually the entire globe. So far, the company has several facilities in North America, Australia, India, and China. The company also operates a collaborated venture called Gen OSI that is situated in the Philippines. The company has also been able to extensively expand its poultry business in China, Europe and in the United States.

OSI Group has recently reached a double processing capacity of what used to be its chicken processing quantity. The company was able to do so by making a seventeen million dollar investment into the processing facilities and by doing so has been able to come from a capacity of twelve thousand tones to twenty-four thousand tons of chicken. With this quantity, the company will be able to produce a variety of chicken products and widen its market. This expansion has been extended to the Spain Toledo facility that not only processes chicken but also pork and a variety of beef products as well. This expansion means more than just more money and market reach for the company. It also means that more jobs will be created in this processing plants and the local market is also prone to expansion.

Other food processing plant acquisitions that the company has made recently include the acquisition of the Baho Food processing plant in Dutch, the Tyson Food Pant in Chicago and the Europe Flagship in Europe.

Background of OSI Group

OSI group started out as a local butcher shop owned by a German immigrant in the year 1909. Since then, the company has come from Otto and Sons to OSI . The name change and rebranding were done in the year 1975 after its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman became Sheldon Lavin.
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Michael Burwell : Leadership Through The Years


Successful businessman and financial advisor Michael Burwell have been one of Willis Towers Watson’s most important assets. Michael Burwell is the current Chief Financial advisor for the company, however, his career has taken him all over the business world. Mr. Burwell would earn his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Michigan State and was recently named Alumnus of the year at his university.

Afterward, Mr. Michael Burwell would serve 31 years in Pricewaterhouse Cooper. There he would gain much of his experience, from serving as a partner in their Detroit division to being Vice Chairman Global. In a sit-down interview, with Michael Burwell, we get to delve deeper into an aspect of his life and personality that has made him so successful.


What does your daily routine look like?

Mr. Burwell tells us that his typical day begins with making his bed, no matter where he’s at in the world making his bed gives him a sense of accomplishments right off the bat. Afterward, Mr.Burwell will get on his bike and ride around thinking and going through everything he needs to do that particular day.


What is some advice for younger businessmen/women?

Sometimes partnerships are not the way to go. Collaboration has a way of giving you the lowest denominator, so his advice, don’t try to make everyone happy, it’ll only give sub-par results.


What is one positive habit that you have?

Mike states that his listening skills are a habit that everyone should practice at getting good at. Listening will allow you to better understand people and situations, who knows, maybe they have an idea of for the next Uber or Airbnb.


What has been one of your most recent failures?

Mr. Burwell was a leading force into a new up and coming technology, however, according to Mr.Burwell, the market had changed and evolved into where our product would not be successful, millions of dollars in he decided to end the program. Although seen as a failure, he saw it as a decision that saved the company from a worse fate, both financially and in image.


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