Three Reasons Why Talos Energy Will Be Making An Edge On The Gulf Of Mexico

Tim Duncan is not a newbie when it comes to the business of oil. His father was in the same boat. What may be different about him, is the ability to seize the opportunity.

Despite starting out in small towns, his business acumen skills match those of people at Wall Street, New York. His first mentor to the business was Selim Zilkha of Zilkah Energy in the year 1996. The sale of a 50 person company to a tune of $ 1.2 billion challenged the young engineer.

He set out to accomplish one of his personal goals,’’ …challenge of building something that other folks may come to the conclusion you can’t build anymore.” Talos energy incepted in the year 2012, is leaping the Gulf of Mexico.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Duncan is out to ensure that the future will be bright. The fact that supports his vision is;

Expected Growth of Phoenix Exploration

In the year 2006, Duncan co-founded company with a backing of $350 million in equity from Riverstone, Pine Brook Road, and Soros Fund. After making discoveries in the Belle Isle Field near Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Bay, they sold the company. He later acquired Phoenix and other assets in the year 2013.

Phoenix, the most significant asset of Talos, is pumping 16,000 barrels daily. On top, they reevaluated the seismic data and had discoveries 3,000 feet of the old reservoirs. The future of the company is promising.

Acreage in Mexican Water

The company was able to acquire some actioned land. With their first drill, there were able to hit a 1,000-foot-thick layer of oil-soaked sandstone containing perhaps 2 billion barrels. With such prospect in the Gulf waters, it is a promise of production for a decade.

Pompano Platform

It is one of the promising assets they acquired from Stone Energy Company. It is worth $ 200 million with several prospects that are ripe for new drilling.

Energy under Duncan is genuinely not planning to leave the Gulf of Mexico soon. But the future does look to be shinning on their favor.

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Graeme Holm offers financial fitness strategy

Many Australian families are looking for ways of improving their lives by adopting financial fitness measures. With so many people in the world today going through the challenges created by the modern financial crisis, it is becoming increasingly difficult f0r some people to manage their debts. What makes the matter worse is that, not just a small number of people that can be wished away who are facing these challenges, but a considerable section of the community. Debt management is becoming an important issue which should be solved by all means possible. In Australia, there is a company which is already offering debt reduction services and is ready to help as many people as possible.




Infinity Group Australia is a financial fitness company created by Graeme Holm. Holm is a Top 100 Broker and an experienced banker. He worked in the banking sector for 17 years before started this company. If it is about the experience, there is no doubt about his qualifications. Through Infinity Group Australia, he is offering financial guidance and some helpful tips which will help the people solve the financial management issues that they face. The financial solutions that he is creating through this company are helping many Australian families to attain financial freedom.




Graeme Holm has also been warning people against taking solutions such as debt consolidation since they have no impact on the over repayment of loans. There are many disadvantages which are associated with debts consolidation which make them a worse problem than one might think. Although it is said that debt consolidation entails bringing down the interest rate, this does not occur at all. The interest rate will keep fluctuating despite debt consolidation which does not guarantee that the rate will be lower. Also, the period for repayment will still be longer despite the consolidation. Holm insists that for anyone looking for financial fitness these options should be nowhere on the table. It is not the kind of solution that will solve all issues that need to be solved.




Graeme Holm created Infinity Group Australia because he felt that the banks and other financial institutions were cheating many Australian. While they want you to believe that they care about you, there is nothing that is even close to caring that they do. They are in business to make profits, and their welfare is not really a concern to them. That is why you will find that no bank offers money management lessons after giving out a loan to the customer.




Graeme Holm knows all the loopholes that banks use to exploit their customers and that is what he is out to seal by creating awareness among the people on the solutions they should use to get out of debt. Learn more:


Nick Vertucci Is a Real Estate Investment Powerhouse

Nick Vertucci is the head of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy located in Santa Ana, California. He’s the academy’s namesake and enthusiastic founder as well. He launched the school back in 2013. It has quickly risen in popularity and is an in-depth educational program that’s making many waves these days. Its objective is to assist students who want to satisfy all of their biggest real estate investment aspirations. It accommodates the needs of students who come from all different parts of the United States.

Nick Vertucci is a talented entrepreneur who has many strong beliefs. He doesn’t think that the past is in control of the future at all. He learned that the hard way. Although he had a caring family as a youngster, he didn’t have a lot of money and resources on his side. His father passed away when he was just 10 years in age. His mother was constantly working in order to look after her children, too. He found himself in increasingly more difficult and desperate situations as he got older. He was homeless at the age of just 18. That’s when he resided inside of his van. All of this changed, however, when he opened himself up to the world of real estate investing. That’s the reason he now serves as a CEO who is in charge of his own destiny.

Nick Vertucci has the assistance of a number of devoted and capable employees. His academy has an efficient and responsive staff. Members of the staff include Vice President of Operations Jamie Tomlinson, COO (Chief Operations Officer) Nicole Marshall, controller Jeff Wilson, Director of Student Services Amberly Morgan and executive assistant Mindi Cicero. These people all help contribute to the academy’s many achievements day in and day out. The team at the academy consists of a number of capable and industrious student educators as well. These people include trainers Alberto Molina, Geoff Nowlin, Erik Slaikeu, Derek Hudson, Hal Tanner, Megan Shaw, Stacey Kennedy and Jun Zhou. People who make up the home office include administrative assistants Claudia Tejada, Monique Garcia, Angie Sotelo, Kate Hernandez, Blake Gardner, Karla Sanchez and Art Flores.

Vertucci is a person who knows a lot about all of the diverse things that go into smooth real estate investments. He regularly teaches people about flipping and wholesaling contracts. He talks to them about asset protection, commercial investments, property rehabilitation and beyond.

OSI Food Solutions, A Company that Continues to Grow

OSI Food Solutions is an American company that currently ranks as one of the leading processed food companies in the world. There international headquarters is located in Aurora, IL, a Southwestern suburb of Chicago. They currently operate over 70 facilities, in over 16 countries.-

OSI Food Solutions were first established in 1909 by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. After he arrived in the United States, Otto and his family opened a meat market in Oak Park, IL. In the late 1910s they expanded their business into a wholesale meat business. In 1928 the company changed their name to Otto and Son’s. For over seven decades they have had a long lasting reputation for producing quality meat products. Otto and Son’s supplied the first McDonalds with the ground beef used to make their patties. They opened their first high volume processing plant in the DuPage County Suburb, West Chicago in 1973. It was during this time that they developed machines to help form the patties, and a liquid nitrogen freezing process to preserve the meat. Otto and Son’s changed its name to OSI Solutions in 1975.

The company has an ever growing commitment to food Safety. The British Safety Council awarded OSI Solutions UK “The Globe of Honour” in 2016; this prestigious honor is given to companies that are able to show great management of the environmental risk. They continue to adopt and integrate new practices for environmental protection, as they continue to make their operations more safe and sustainable. They have continued to receive a maximum five star rating on behalf of The British Safety Council.

In the late 2000s Tyson Foods announced they were closing one of their three Chicago Plants. In early 2016 OSI Food Solutions purchased the Chicago Tyson Foods plant for seven and half million dollars. The Tyson Foods plant had over 300 employees; nearly 250 employees were offered employment by OSI Solutions. The 200,000 square-foot facility gives OSI added infrastructure that will help support their continued growth.

OSI Food Solutions are currently ranked by Forbes as the fifty-seventh largest private company. The company generates revenue of 7 billion dollars annually. They have locations in Chicago, Wisconsin, Utah, Iowa and California. They also operate in countries around the world, in Western and Eastern Europe, and throughout Asia. OSI Food Solutions now have over 20,000 employees. OSI continues to partner with many classic food restaurants, such as Subway, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut. They continue to be a brand that people love and trust.

Neurocore center

Neurocore Brain Performance Center is a company that specializes in training programs and brain-based assessments to assist adults and children improve sleep, concentration and handle stress. The company was founded in 2004 in Florida. It has grown into a national authority in neuroscience with centers in Florida and Michigan. It is privately sized with about 51-200 employees. It has invested a lot in Heart Rate Variability Training, Automatic Nervous System Diagnostic, neurofeedback, attention testing, and Biofeedback training. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The human brain is the source of perceptions, behavior, emotions, and thoughts. It is a fantastic organ with more adaptable and resilient structures. The brain is made up of so many neurons that use signals to regulate activities in our brains. Neurons allow us to function, feel, think and process relevant information. Scientists and researchers have therefore invested a lot of money and resources to uncover the mystery behind the human brain. There has been an advancement in neurofeedback, brain mapping and EEG technology. Neurocore is one of the companies that has started to apply this knowledge to treat mental disorders such as depression, ASD, ADHD, and anxiety. Some of these developments have a very rich history that dates back to the mid-twentieth century. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

History of EEG

An electroencephalogram is a test used to detect the electrical activities in the brain using non-invasive metal discs. The discs are put on the scalp to pick electrical impulses of the brain. There is communication throughout the night and day using these discs. There will be brain diagnosis if an EEG displays wavy line impulses. EEG was used earlier to detect epilepsy. It is now used for treating and diagnosing sleep disorders, brain tumors, encephalopathy, encephalitis, mental maladies and brain damage.

qEEG background

The Quantitative Electroencephalography is also called brain mapping. It is the method where the EEG activities are recorded using a computer. It applies statistics and algorithms to compare records done by an EEG. It, therefore, allows clinicians and doctors to combine quantitative comparisons and measurements to create a map of the brain.

History of Neurotherapy

Neurotherapy or neurofeedback is the use of the brain’s electrical measurements to teach the brain on self-regulation. It is a reward system to the brain. Our brains can function more efficiently and reduce undesirable activities by practice, positive reinforcement, and repetition.

Treating Depression

Clinical depression is the most severe of all depressions. In 2016 alone it affected 10.3 million adults in the US according to information from the National Institute of Mental Health. Its cause is not fully known. It has been treated in the past by psychotherapy or antidepressants. Lately, doctors have diagnosed it with EEG and handled it with Neurotherapy.


Best of Category Award Goes To The U.S. Money Reserve At The AdSPhere Awards 2018

For two years in a row The U.s. Money Reserve has been honored by DRMETRIX for their distinct high quality gold products. The recognition comes in the Short Form and Infomercial categories. The AdSphere Awards and DRMETRIX gives recognition to the best cable networks every year.

The AdSphere Awards give recognition to the best advertising companies in four categories made up of infomercials, lead generation, short form and brand/direct. Performance driven operations on this scale level establishes popularity with the customers. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

They also demonstrate Best-In-Class creative and media execution. The AdSphere Awards are the most all- encompassing for the DRMETRIX television community. Altogether there were almost 70 honorees with all of the Best-of-Category awardees.

The U.S Reserve strives to give their viewers the latest innovative efforts to reflect their finest brand. They give credit to their awesome marketing, production and media work teams. The awards arrived on the heels of the Perth Mint appointing the U.S. Money Reserve as the sole U.S. distributor of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll proof gold coinage collection.

Proof gold coins are very rare. This arrives in highest regard since the set of three gold coinage comes in limited quantities. There is only 250 sets of the 2 ounce proof coins. In addition The Perth Mint issues the 75th Anniversay Pearl Harbor gold coin series…gold coinage that remembers that historical day in America’s history.

Based out of Austin, TX, the U.S. Reserve came to be in the year 2001. In the past 18 years, they have grown to be one of the biggest private merchants of U.S. based and foreign government issued gold, silver, and platinum commodities. Many people rely on The U.S. money reserve to help diversify their portfolios with gold coins.

The Reserve has representatives who are well educated and experts in the field of numismatic gold coinage. Professionals with in depth knowledge of the markets can give guidance to consumers on precious metals at every level from beginner to experienced collector. They research gold coinage and go above and beyond building on going relationships with their customers.

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US Money Reserve | LinkedIn
U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards

Graeme Holm’s Approaches in Solving the Australian Loan Market Problems

Graeme Holm has been ranked among the top 100 Brokers and also, he is a holder of Master in Business Administration. Despite being the founder of Infinity Group Australia, he is its director. For more than 17 years, he has mainly majored in financial services in pursuit of his career, and for the first ten years, he spent his time in four large banking environments. 2013 was the year when the aspiration to find a superior deal for both Infinity Group and Australian Families came to existence due to Holm and his wife Rebecca merging their fervor for finance.


Infinity Group Australia comes along with the solution to the problems being experienced by the Australian credit market. It is via the private banker approach that aids the customers to settle their debts as early as possible before default. It is ensured that they get their performance reports on a monthly basis, thorough reviews, and aiding in the preparation and maintenance of their budgets leads to their success.


Graeme Holm brought Infinity Group Australia to existence to aid the average Australians to increase their finances as well as making their future safe and sound. Due to the customer-driven strategy by Holm, it has ended up being among the fastest providers in money administration and debt reduction services in Australia.


Infinity Group Australia main objective is to provide guidance and support to its customers on their credit journey. It has actualized the goal by making it possible for customers to be able to settle up a loan termed for thirty years in a period that does not exceed ten years. Also, most of the clients do like the approaches being used by the group since they can have quiet time with their relatives and at work; they are stress-free because they are assured their loans are secure.


Infinity Group Australia has won the hearts of many customers with the terrific customer service in which it offers its clients. Every client who visits the organization comes out with smiles on their faces after the great service that they receive from the organization. What enables the company to serve the customers with such diligence and respect is the training under which the employees of Infinity Group Australia are subjected. Before joining the company during the recruitment stage, all the employees are supposed to attend a customer service training where they are trained on the best methods and techniques to handle the clients in whatever situations they could be.


Other than the official duties and at the Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm and his employees also spend some days outside the office trying to refresh their minds so that they can remain focused on the company’s intentions and objectives. Apart from the team building activities, the organization also spends time visiting the less privileged families in the surrounding communities trying to assist them in restoring their value for life. They have also set some funds that they dedicate to philanthropic activities in the society. Learn more :

What’s New at Sussex Healthcare

One of the most important roles to fill at Sussex Healthcare is Chief Executive Officer. In July 2018, they named Amanda Morgan Taylor as CEO. Sussex Healthcare operates 20 living and care centers for the elderly, those with dementia and neurological disorders. Since they provide 24 hour care, there is always a need for nurses. So that patients can enjoy a sense of wellbeing, Sussex Healthcare has recently opened a gym for those residents who are fully ambulatory. This highlight was found at

Sussex Healthcare is currently looking for caregivers and new assistants with the ability to provide beneficial services. The assistants will need to be able to customize treatments, guide clients to the gym, answer questions and offer medical care.

A friendly disposition is also a plus. In the caregiver realm, Sussex Healthcare is always looking for registered nurses who can offer custom care by monitoring the health of residents, provide medication, make exercise recommendations before a resident visits the gym, study the effectiveness of treatments and other activities and provide that key role for quality care. Another role they are looking to fill is that of hiring manager.

This individual will oversee a unit, help the registered nurse, evaluate the efficiency with which the unit is operating, follow the company’s guidelines as well as train new caregivers and assign tasks to the assistants. One of the highlights that new caregivers and assistants will appreciate as they work together to help residents maintain a level of wellbeing is hydrotherapy.

This type of therapy is offered at the new gym and studies have shown that it improves endurance, minimizes symptoms of certain neurological conditions, and reduces soreness. Since the beneficial services caregivers need to possess starts at the top, be assured that the new CEO, Ms. Morgan Taylor is committed to not only training new staff and improving communication, but enhancing the effectiveness of treatments and developing strong relationships with the residents among other quality related tasks. A more detailed look can be found.

James Dondero of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero has always kept himself a busy man, but it has never stopped him from giving back to his community and making time for the things that count. It all started when he achieved his Bachelor of Science degrees in accounting and finances at the University of Virginia’s School of Commerce. Afterward, James would step into his first genuine role in the world of finance by working on a financial training program for JP Morgan Chase & Co. in 1984. His work went over so well that in less than a year James found himself moving on to his dream job at American Express. For four years James would manage fixed income funds that totaled to $1 billion. Word of his expertise and hard work soon began to precede him, and James was offered the title of Chief Investment Officer for the GIC Subsidiary of Protective Life, to which he accepted in 1989. In no time at all, James Dondero turned the concept of a company into a flourishing $2 billion success story. It wasn’t until 1993 that James would co-found and become the president of his firm, Highland Capital Management. Reaching the peak of success was not enough for Mr. Dondero however, so he sets aside $3 million in the budget for donation purposes. James has hired on a dedicated charity team that assists him in finding initiatives in the area that promise to give something of value back to the people in their community. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.


Some examples of the organizations that receive donations from James and his team at Highland Capital Management are The Perot Museum of Natural Science, The George W. Bush Presidential Library, and Institute, and Uplift Education, to name a few. Another recent example of his generosity is James’ $1 million challenge grant he gifted to The Family Place, a shelter dedicated to helping men in the city that are suffering because of domestic violence. These men can find a haven within the walls of the Family Place, and it is also close to medical care should they need it. There is also a 24-hour crisis hotline with compassionate staff waiting to help. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Marc Beer: The Brain Behind Renovia Inc.

Hundreds of millions of women around the world are experiencing several illnesses and disorders that are affecting their overall health. Scientists and researchers have been working together to address some of the health issues faced by women globally. They are trying to find out ways on how to treat illnesses and disorders exclusive to the females, and most of the time, they develop an effective treatment that makes it possible for the women to live healthier. One of the most recent developments in the field of women’s health would be the creation of Leva, which is a product designed by Renovia Inc.



Established as a startup by Marc Beer, Renovia Inc. transformed to become one of the forerunners of developing technologies that would treat a range of diseases which can help humanity. Marc Beer stated that several organizations had sent their financial assistance to his startup, and millions of dollars have been transferred to the Renovia Inc.’s account. One of the largest contributors were the Longwood Fund, which joined several other firms in providing financial assistance to Renovia Inc. Overall, Marc Beer managed to raise more than $42 million.



He revealed that the money he raised would be used exclusively for research purposes, and scientists who are working with Renovia Inc. are excited to find out what kind of discovery they will be able to unlock through extensive research. One of the disorders that they are currently focusing on would be the pelvic floor disorders, which can be treated with the use of Leva. The FDA has already certified the newest product from Renovia Inc., and according to Marc Beer, the product is designed to relieve 250 million women with the effects of the pelvic floor disorders. One of the most notorious diseases developing from the pelvic floor disorder would be the urinary incontinence. Leva is designed to ease the discomfort felt by women regarding the disease, and it would also help them treat the disease over time.



Marc Beer thanked the sponsors who kept on sending his startup a series of financial aid. The Boston-based startup is slowly becoming known across the country because of the efforts exerted by its founder. Before he founded Renovia Inc., Marc Beer had been in the industry for 20 years. While working with the pharmaceutical company, he developed a drug to cure high cholesterol. However, the FDA noted that the effects from the drug are not observed with those who have taken it, and they started to question Marc Beer’s intention in developing the drug. To avoid further inconveniences with his career, Marc Beer decided to leave the company and showed the FDA that he genuinely cares about the health of the people by introducing Renovia Inc. Learn more :