Remembering Baseball Hall Of Famer Lee May

Lee May, a Reds Hall of Famer, passed away in the summer of 2017. He was 74-years-old. Let’s take a moment to remember who he was.


The late Hall of Famer is best known for playing for the Reds, who ended up trading him in order to get Joe Morgan. This is when the Big Red Machine teams of 75 and 76 rose up and scored some titles. The ballplayer played a crucial part of the Machine’s first incarnation. It’s the era in which the club won over 60 victories in their first 100 games, which occurred during the season of 1970. This is also the year the team won their first pennant in over eight years.


In 1961, Lee May moved over to the Reds and it took him a few years before he started to really shine. He had over 10 home runs and drove in over 50, and this eventually led to him becoming the rookie of the year (Sporting News). He also earned the nickname “The Big Bopper,” which was given to him by Tommy Helms. That nickname was solidified during his rookie career.

Lee May went on to become one of the top hitters in the league and he helped the Reds get closer and closer to getting a title. His skills also led to him being named a leader of the clubhouse and he was known for handling issues that may have occurred. In fact, Sparky Anderson made a comment about how he called in Lee May when there was anything wrong and he would tell him he would take care of it.

Perry Mandera: An Exemplary Example of Leadership and Service

With over 40 years of experience in the field of logistics and transportation, Perry Mandera has been servicing the needs of customers through shipping throughout the United States. He is the successful founder and CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. Much can be learned by taking a close look at Mandera’s career and service to others..


Mandera is quite fond of time that he spent serving in the Marines. During that time he worked in transport which fueled his career path. His work dealt with transporting troops as well as supplies. When asked about his time in the service, he spoke about the connection that he had with his fellow troops. It was an emotional one. That emotion and the camaraderie that he experienced in the Marines greatly impacted the accomplishment that he felt.


Once leaving the Armed Forces, Mandera ran for office. Elected in 1984, he held a four-year term as Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago’s 26th Ward. He was the youngest in Chicago to serve in the position. Consistently receiving recognition for the high degree of excellence that he pursues, Mandera gives credit to his religious upbringing and his willingness to take strategic chances.


There is certainly no doubt that the experiences that he had during his more formative years contributed to his desire to help others through charitable work. In particular, he helps children in need with financial contributions, servicing transportation needs, and providing clothing. He also helps to sponsor Youth Athletic teams, and even provides college tuition assistance. Madera states that he wants to help as many people as possible with the resources that he has and has taught his two boys to do the same.


In addition to helping established charities, Mandera seeks out new opportunities to benefit others through his philanthropic work. Each year employees of his company participate in a campaign that he conducts highlighting individuals that the employees know are in need. An experienced and wise businessman, Mandera’s unique ability to excel and still lend time to service others is a valuable example.

Did You Know That You Can Combat Aging? Ask Dr. Dov Rand How

Many people are struggling with various disorders especially in our generation perhaps because of the changes in lifestyle and the consumption behavior. One of the main issues that are really a thorn in the flesh of many especially ladies is weight. Some have gone through various treatments, tried to take certain food but still, the weight seems to be stubborn. Another disorder that even people don’t mind fighting against is aging. Everyone views it as a natural occurrence hence they should not deal with it; but did you know aging has a way of giving way to some diseases like arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, dementia among others? So it is crucial to learn the anti-aging therapies provided by Dr. Dov Rand.
Dr. Dov Rand got his exemplary skills and training from one of the most prestigious universities, Albert Einstein Medical Center, New York City. He later started his own clinic referred to as Healthy Aging Medical Center where he has been on the forefront of providing his clients with the quality treatment of aging-related issues using his innovative therapeutic model. He has been a role model to many especially when it comes to helping them understand that they can still enjoy life in their old age. He is very active despite being above 50 years and he has been using the supportive model in his treatment which is based on some tangible evidence.
Any patient who has entered Dr. Dov Rand’s Healthy Aging Medical Center has always come out with a smile on their face having a deep contentment that there is a possibility of reversing their aging process. Education to the patient is core in this clinic where he makes his patients aware of their conditions and what to expect after undergoing hormone therapy and other therapies.
Dr. Dov Rand uses some intravenous vitamin therapy and other supportive therapies to restore the normal hormone levels which drop as one age. Besides anti-aging programs, the doctor has Integrated Therapeutic models to cater for those patients who want to lose weight fast. One of such programs is using HCG diet which works perfectly with the natural metabolism of the patient’s body and was its source is from medical environment hence making it different from other fad diets. Hormone Therapy is also used here to combat weight.

Benefits of Consolidating Your Credit Card Debt

If you have a credit card, chances are pretty good that you have some type of debt to go along with it. Credit card debt is a whole lot more common than you might think, with the vast majority of Americans being in about $6,000 in debt. If this has been a problem for you, it’s time to consider the benefits of choosing a professional to help with debt consolidation. Consolidating your debts might seem like a real project, but it is a whole lot easier than you might think. What it means for you is putting your credit cards all onto one easy and low-interest payment. Plus, the expert can work with creditors to reduce what you owe, so this can wind up saving you money in the long run.

Once you begin to work with a professional to consolidate your debts, it is important that you find someone who is going to be able to help you. There are lots of debt experts out there who claim that they can help all of their clients, but this simply is not true. Now that you know about this as an option and know that this is something right for you, it’s time that you made use of this as a viable option and to see if this is something right for you. Now is a good time for you to look into hiring such an expert who can help with credit card debt.

Once you start getting rid of your credit card debt, it is just a matter of figuring out what you need to do and what to expect out of the process as well. Because there are so many reasons for you to consolidate your debt problems, now is a good time for you to take a look at this and see that it is going to be a huge difference for you in the long run. Make sure that you take a good look at this and see that this is something right for your own personal needs and for the health and well-being of your future finances.

Stanberry Research on Tariffs

According to Steve Sjuggerud in November of 2016, the Japanese stocks were described as a “one way bet” higher. It was said that China is sliding back in to deflation. Due to this threat, Japan’s Bank of Japan says they will make inflation higher at any cost. The previous stimulus efforts. These efforts are said to continue until the long term inflation target of 2% has been reached. Since this statement, Japanese stocks are up by 20%.


The Governor of the Bank of Japan, has announced the large stimulus program the bank has. The members of the policy currently believe the prices will jump to 2% 2019 fiscal year. He feels that that may also be a good time to exit. The federal Reserve has already begun the raising of its rates. Normalization has be debated by the European Central Bank. Is is significant that Governor Haruhiko Kuroda has made these acknowledgments.


It may possibly be time for Japan to get out of the stock trade due to the stocks plummeting. Governor Haruhiko Kuroda want to not only reach the 2% goal but he want to exceed it. He calls this method overshooting and those efforts are still in plans to move forward.


It has been made clear by Governor Haruhiko Kuroda that the Bank of Japan is thinking about leaving 2019, during the fiscal year but that has not been confirmed. It is unclear what angle will be taken. At the moment, the exit is simply talk of discussion.


A plan was announced by the United States President Donald Trump to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel that is imported into the country. This will include a 10% tariff on aluminum and 25% on steel that is imported. He says that no one will be exempt from these tariffs. Congressional Republicans opposed this proposal immediately. Even members of President Trumps own administration feels the same way. The lack of support makes people feel that that would create President Donald Trump to rethink his increasing of tariffs.

Ways for You to Take Over Your Finances

It’s not entirely uncommon for people to be in debt of up to $10,000. The problem with living in a state of debt is that it can be overwhelming and difficult for you. This is a real issue because of the problems that come as a result of it. If this is something that is difficult for you to do on your own, you might want to speak with a financial expert who is there to assist in a lot of different ways. Now is a good time to take back your financial well-being and to figure out if this is something that you’re going to need to make use of right here and now.

When you make use of a professional who is experienced with finances, they will help you to get your financial life back on track. Another way that does not involve hiring someone is to make better use of your credit cards. You can consolidate your cards so that you do not have as many of them, which can actually help you to spend less and eventually owe less as well. A lot of people refinance as well, which can help to lower their bills and help them to avoid the hindrance of creditors calling them all the time.

Credit cards should go from being used all the time to only being used for emergency purposes. If this is something that you’ll want to make use of right now, you need to work with a professional who is there for you and who is going to help in ways that you’d never thought to be possible. Debt problems can creep up on you at virtually any time, and this is why you need to make sure that this is something that you can handle and to hire a professional if it is something that you are not going to be able to handle on your own. Make sure that you take good care of this for yourself and know that it is something that is right for you and is going to help you out as well.

Neurocore On a Mission to Save the Brain

Neurocore was founded in 2004, with the goal of helping children and adults improve their concentration, sleep, stress levels. To begin, Neurocore gives patients a thorough assessment to see what driving factors are causing a symptom; with this information they develop and individual training plan that will improve your brain functions for the better. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The brain performance center primarily helps people who suffer from ADHD, memory loss, anxiety, migraines, ASD, sleep issues, depression, and stress.

There are two main types of brain training programs, the core program and the memory boot camp program. The core program uses what the brain naturally has within it to become stronger to help with stress, loss of sleep, focus, depression, and, among others, anxiety. The memory boot camp program is primarily focused on fixing memory issues that accompany an aging brain.

Neurocore recently gave sound advice about how to properly fuel the brain with food. Most people know that we need to fuel our bodies with proper nutrition in order for it to function well and properly. But, the same is true for the brain. Throughout recent years, it has been researched and found that certain foods cause a decrease in our cognitive abilities. However, it has also be found that certain types of foods increase our brains ability to preserve critical proteins, as well as reduce the risk of some mental illnesses. Additionally, it has been determined that people who eat a heart healthy diet sees less age-related brain shrinkage. So what foods are good for both your heart and brain?


There are a number of nutrient-rich superfoods that slow the aging process of the brain. First, chia seeds, which are known to be a superfood that offers a mega dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Second, cinnamon, a powerful antioxidant that helps with inflammation, blood pressure, and can also help prevent diabetes. Third, raw honey can lower the risk of heart disease and promote the brains production of melatonin. Fourth, good fats, like monosaturated fats, can help lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and the bodies overall health. Fifth, the Mediterranean diet consists of a lot of vegetables, fruit, fish, and nuts; it has been found that this diet cuts the chances of heart disease in half.

Making overall healthier decisions when it comes to the food we eat, will increase our brains ability to function properly. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Avoiding People That Are Bad With Money

The great thing about knowing how to spend your money is that you have emergency funds and disposable income. This is what a good money manager knows about. People that are bad with money, however, will actually become such a nuisance that they will drain everyone else that is around them.

Anyone that has ever dealt with someone that manages money poorly can attest to this. If there is someone that is managing money in a bad way they can get married to someone else that manages money well and unload their problems. It is something that is very common in marriages. In many cases it can cause divorces. There will have conflict because one party does not know how to handle their money.

No one wants to spend their time trying to get out of debt, but this is a necessary thing that has to be done. Once you have the debt cleared you have a better understanding of what you need to do to keep yourself out of debt. You also have a desire to stay away from those things that cause you to get in debt. If you have ever done it before you will never want to do it again. It is an expensive lesson to learn, but getting out of debt can help you become better with your money management.

In most cases a person that handles their money poorly will also become bad money managers of your funds as well. This is what people need to understand when they are trying to lend money to others. If this person was careless enough to manage their own money in a bad way it only stands to reason that the same person will manage your money poorly as well. People that run into others that are bad with managing their money should avoid lending money to these people.

They will never get this money returned because these people know how to handle money. In more cases than not people are typically borrowing money from you to pay off someone else so it is difficult for them to repay you.

How to Reclaim Your Life After Debt

Debt can ravish your life and overall happiness. You might avoid certain situations because of the debt that this has created, and it’s why a lot of people try to reclaim their life after dealing with credit card debt problems. The best way for you to get your life back on track is to prevent the debt from happening again in the first place. If you prevent it from happening, you’re not going to have to deal with it again in the near future. Now is a good time for you to make use of a professional who can help with debt consolidation and relief.

By working with a relief professional, you’ll be able to consolidate and even relieve what you owe to creditors right now. This is one of the best ways for you to get your life back on track and to avoid the problems that often come with how this works for you. Now is a good time for you to make use of this as a good option that is truly going to work. You will find that choosing this as an option is essential for your every need, and this is why you need to make use of this for your own well-being and future security.

Now is the time to find a professional working with debt consolidation and relief so that you can be sure this is something that is ideal for your every need. Make sure that you take a good look at this for yourself and know that this is something that will ultimately help you rather than hinder you from advancing. Be sure to take a look at the experts available online or in your area to be sure that this is someone you’re going to want to make use of right here and now. This is the time to get your life back and to get rid of the debt problems that you’ve been facing for quite some time because of all of the credit cards that you have taken out and are using on a regular basis for purchases.

OneLogin Continues to Lead Industry in SSO


In the modern age, signing in is something that most people take for granted. Whether logging into a social media account or signing into a workplace network or the local bank, sign-on systems are just a part of daily life for many people. However, while the average person hardly spares a thought for sign-on systems, companies have to pay them a lot more mind.


Companies are often managing the credentials of dozens or hundreds of employees, not only across their own internal network but also across an ever-increasing number of external applications. This can not only lead to incredibly complex and convoluted credential management situations but also opens the door for cyber attacks, with so many sets of login credentials floating around. So, what’s the solution to this problem? A Single Sign-On service, or SSO.



What Exactly is Single Sign-On?


A single sign-on service secures all of a company’s account credentials behind a single sign-on interface. This makes it incredibly easy for companies to manage a massive number of users as well as all of their credentials. But perhaps more importantly, it can drastically reduce the number of cyber-attack targets within a company while, at the same time, making it so each user on the network only has to remember one set of credentials.


Without an SSO solution, a company would face a bevy of security issues if they wanted to share session information across multiple domains. Those security risks would force the company to restrict cookies and other data sources to the original domain, keeping them from leveraging the power of cross-domain information transfer. This can be a massive hassle for companies working with multiple domains, but SSO aims to fix this issue and make it easy for companies to work across multiple domains with multiple distinct sign-on systems.



OneLogin is at the Forefront of the SSO Industry


OneLogin was one of the first companies to offer complete SSO service, and they’ve become the industry leader. They’ve created an easy-to-use SSO portal that only requires its users to provide one set of sign-in credentials to gain access to company applications both locally and on the cloud, as well as personal applications. The SSO portal also allows users to sign in from almost any device, including their desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This makes OneLogin one of the most versatile and powerful SSO solutions on the market, and their popularity proves it.



OneLogin Provides Secure Application Access


The biggest concern when allowing users to sign in to multiple applications from one point of entry is security. Fortunately, OneLogin didn’t become the industry standard by skimping on security. Their systems were designed with safety and security at the forefront, and it shows. Their policy-driven password system is backed up by multi-factor authentication, ensuring that companies are able to get exactly the security they need to protect both their users and their applications from cybercriminals.



Efficient and Easy-to-Use


OneLogin isn’t just secure though, it’s also efficient and easy to use. OneLogin works to remove the hassle from credential management by allowing users to log in with a single set of credentials in order to access only the applications that they’re authorized to. They can access the sign-in portal, and many of the applications from almost any device, saving users an immense amount of time and making credential management a breeze. Gone are the days of having to sign in to each application on an individual basis.



Personal Application Support


OneLogin may focus on companies, but corporate applications aren’t their only forte. They know that users will often need to access personal apps, which differ quite a bit from enterprise apps, and for other SSO providers may become an issue. OneLogin, on the other hand, allows users to easily add and access their personal applications from the same portal they use to access any other application, saving them both time and headaches.



Does OneLogin Measure Up?


OneLogin’s Single Sign-On service may seem simple at first glance. But when you take a look under the hood, it’s an enterprise-quality service utilizing the latest in security technology combined with unrivaled convenience and efficiency. Whether for cross-domain applications under a company or for personal applications, OneLogin serves to provide all of its users with a safer, easier and more efficient sign-in experience across all of their devices.


Companies on the lookout for an all-in-one SSO service really can’t go wrong with OneLogin. An industry leader from the day it came into being, and a trendsetter ever since, their service is virtually unrivaled in terms of both security and convenience. OneLogin is, and, at least for the foreseeable future, will likely continue to be the definitive SSO solution for companies both large and small.