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Paul Mampilly Provides Stock Alternatives To Apple

Stockholders in Apple Inc. have enjoyed nice profits since 2007 but many financial experts suggest that this success may not be sustainable for much longer. One successful investor, Paul Mampilly, has gone on record recently to suggest to those that follow his financial advice to stay away from Apple and to bet on another giant in the tech industry. Visit the website paulmampillyguru.com to learn more.

The Warning

The words that Paul Mampilly uses when speaking of Apple stocks are meant to make an impact with potential investors. He has referred to the company using the words “once great” and even said that the company was “doomed.” He explains that the peak for Apple had already occurred and predicts that 2018 will see the beginning of the company’s decline as two competitors in the industry make successful plays for a larger share of the market.

Mampilly’s Thought Process

Paul Mampilly reminds investors that most of the success of Apple Inc. can be attributed to the ability of Steve Jobs to develop innovative technology and convince the public of their value. Examples of this are the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Mampilly notes that in the six years since Jobs’ death that Apple Inc. has not launched one groundbreaking service or device. He was not impressed with the company’s wristwatch and smart speaker offerings. The only other developments of the company seem to be slight tweaks to the iPhone’s dimension and color options. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

Looking Ahead

The technology of voice-recognition has been making slow and steady progress for decades now and the popularity is peaking due to the recent success of voice-controlled smart speakers.

Mampilly feels that Apple squandered the chance to seize this market in 2011 when it created Siri. He feels that now that both Amazon and Google have developed superior voice-recognition products.

Mampilly’s Advice

The trusted investor Paul Mampilly is not only discouraging investors from investing in Apple but has also suggested what he feels will be a more profitable option. He explains that companies that manufacture innovative electronics products will benefit from the stagnation of Apple Inc.

One company that Paul Mampilly feels is primed to claim its share of the market is Amazon. Mampilly cites the company’s Alexa system and the Echo devices it supports as the reason to expect the company to improve its position in the electronics manufacturing sector.

More Advice From Mampilly

Shareholders in Apple Inc. can learn more about diversifying their investment options by reading Paul Mampilly’s newsletter Profits Unlimited. The newsletter has a monthly readership of 100,000 and provides useful advice to the average American investor.

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