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Peter Briger; Fortress Investment Group’s Star Player Continues His Success

Goldman Sachs & Co. Lost A Valuable Asset In Mr. Briger

After 15 years in a partnership role at Goldman Sachs & Co., Peter Briger made a career adjustment by moving to Fortress Investment Group as Co-chairman in 2002. Being a tough player in the finance sector, Mr. Briger is credited with assisting Fortress Investment Group going public. Landing a coveted spot on the New York Stock Exchange is an astounding achievement by any standard, and Peter Briger accomplished this within 5 years of his position as CO-CEO. As the first of it’s kind, Fortress began as a large private firm that announced it’s IPO.

Ambition And Brilliance

Peter Briger is referred to as a Titan in Investing. His proven leadership skills have driven him to the top of the proverbial corporate ladder and his success in his business ventures have afforded him global notoriety as one of Forbes top 400. Ranking at #317, Peter Briger has became a name synonymous with alternative asset management.After taking Fortress Investment Group public, his ambition led him to implementing the credit fund department at Fortress. He is now head of real estate as well as the credit fund departments, helping Fortress reach phenomenal financial heights.

Education Accreditation

His educational history is the base of his tremendous success; Peter Briger earned his Associate in Arts and Science at the prestigious Princeton University, and continued to achieve his MBA at The University of Pennsylvania. He proudly contributes to the continued success of the newest of Princeton Alumni, catering to young entrepreneurs and funded the Professorship program.

Charitable Contributions And Non-Profits

No stranger to Philanthropy, he has dedicated hundreds of millions of investment funds to the conservation and maintenance of New York’s Central Park; Additionally, his personal passion to alleviate poverty stricken areas, improving the quality of education, and supporting not for profit groups that assist communities and families in need. Additionally, he has served as a board member of Princeton University’s Investment Company, Implemented an Alumni Entrepreneurship Pilot Program along with two other Alumni donors which assists recent grads with entrepreneurship goals and start-up businesses. Mr. Briger is also board member of the non profit organization the Tipping Point, which focuses on aiding the poverty stricken residents of San Francisco. Inclusively, Mr. Briger offers support and contributions to many other organizations that aid and assist the underprivileged communities with special interest in children and families.

Successful Leadership

Mr. Briger is globally recognized as a fierce asset manager, with experience in leadership, growth, and large-scale investments. He continues to manage the real estate and credit fund departments at Fortress with a progressive strategy with focus on continued success. He is proud of his achievements, including his position held as Co-CEO of the major Alternative Investment/Private Equity Firm, Fortress Investment Group.