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Success of a Man Breeds Success of a Community

James Dondero is the founder of Highland Capital Management, which is located in northern Texas. The success of the company has not just helped the surrounding areas by creating jobs for citizens in the area, but has also improved the reputation of the area. Being known as the home of a company such as Highland Capital Management has driven residential development in the area. Not only did James Dondero supply jobs to locals in the area, but he drew in new residents increasing the tax revenue the local government receives. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero does not just find ways to produce additional funds for northern Texas, but he also seeks positive ways in which to spend it. After an elderly hippopotamus passed away in 2001, the Dallas Zoo closed the exhibit. Mr. Dondero organized other wealthy investors in the region and raised $14 million to make it possible for the Dallas Zoo to reopen their hippopatamus exhibit with improved care for the animals.

Mr. Dondero also donated to a local organization known as The Family Place. This is a shelter which cares for men that are victims of domestic violence. The organization not only provides a place for the men to live, but establishes connections so they can receive treatment from local hospitals to help the victims get the support they need to be productive members of society. Follow James on Linkedin.

Money is not the only thing that Mr. Dondero has provided for the community. He worked with the Dallas Zoo to sponsor a day in which money the zoo received would be donated to The Family Place. He hired Mary Owen formerly the CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Mary’s role with Highland Capital Management is to network with other companies and charities in northern Texas to find ways that Highland Capital Management can assist them financially and that Mr. Dondero can help them personally.

Mr. James Dondero has shown that pride comes in many forms. He has numerous individual and company accomplishments to be proud of. He is not satisfied stopping there though, as he still continues to do more for those struggling.

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